Practitioners and the World Organization against Torture Hold Press Conference Regarding the Lawsuit against Deputy Chief of "610 Office"

At the conference, executive director of the World Organization against Torture Attorney Sklar explained the importance of this case. The defendant in this case has the highest rank among those being brought into court abroad in the China's Communist Government. Ding Guangen is not only the Propaganda Minister of China but also a Politburo member, and he is the deputy chief of the national "610 Office," which is directly responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. This case differs from other similar cases in that it is a class action lawsuit, designed to protect the interests of a large group of people, rather than a few individuals.

The Falun Dafa practitioners introduced the origin and functions of the "610 Office," which has been set above all governmental administrative and legal systems, and utilizes all media for deadly propaganda, fabrication and lies to grossly distort Falun Gong's teachings and slander its founder and its practitioners. It turned the whole society into a "massive prison" for all Falun Gong practitioners and their friends and relatives. All Chinese people are forced to live under such distorted propaganda.

One of the plaintiffs, Ms. Helene from France experienced the evil and brutality of the "610 Office" during her trip to China. She appealed for Falun Gong peacefully in Tiananmen Square but the Chinese policemen mistreated her and much of her body was covered with bruises and cuts.
Many media including VOA, RFA, Central News Agency, and Agence France Presse attended the press conference and interviewed practitioners on the spot.

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