Heizuizi Women's Forced Labour Camp Has Kept Ms. Li Xiuhong Constantly Tied-up for Eight Months

In Heizuizi Women's Forced Labour Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province, the wardens have had Ms. Li Xiuhong tied up around the clock for eight months in order to prevent her from practising the Falun Gong exercises. Her family is deeply worried about her health and mental condition and believes this torture endangers her life.

The labour camp knows that Ms. Li will practise the exercises if they don't tie her up, which would encourage other imprisoned practitioners to do the same. Their reasoning is that, if they release her, the practitioners in her area would be encouraged to continue their practice. The wardens have stated that they would release her if she would promise not to practise the exercises or read the Falun Gong teachings for ten days. However, this "deal" is questionable, since the Chinese government organizations don't even follow the laws and regulations they set for themselves. The wardens also ordered her family to try to persuade her to stop practising Falun Gong because her health has declined rapidly due to the torture (the labour camp won't stop the torture unless she gives up her practice). Her family insists that her poor health is caused by the torture in the labour camp rather than her practising, so the family has refused to do what the wardens want.

Li Xiuhong, 35, is a practitioner from Tonghua in Jilin Province. She was arrested at around 4:00 p.m. on April 23rd, 2008, by two officers from Jiangshang Police Station in the Erdao District, and her home was searched. On June 10th, she was taken to Heizuizi Women's Forced Labour Camp.

On the morning after she arrived at the labour camp, she tried to practice the exercises but was stopped by the wardens and was shocked with five electric batons simultaneously for that entire day. The brutal torture injured her physically and mentally, and she was on the verge of death.

The following month, the wardens hung her by her handcuffs for 12 hours each day and tied her to the bed for another 12 hours at night. One month later, her health had declined, but the wardens still left her tied up around the clock, and this torture has continued to this day.

Because she is tied up, others have to feed her and empty her chamber pot. She even has to depend on others to change her menstrual pads. She has also not been allowed to bathe, which creates a foul odor.

In November 2008, her family was told by Yan, the head of the group, about the condition that Li Xiuhong was in and that she would become disabled if the tie-up torture continued, because she had been tortured in that manner for more than six months.

On January 19th, 2009, when the family saw her in the labour camp, Ms. Li was extremely weak and barely able to stand. The family reported her situation to Ma and Tian, the directors of the labour camp. In early February 2009, the wardens of Li Xiuhong's group informed the family that she was very skinny, that she was only able to consume one meal per day, and that they were about to force-feed her.

According to the regulations for forced labour camps in China, electric batons and long-term tie-ups are forbidden except for inmates involved in prison breaks or other serious matters. The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners at the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labour Camp is brutal and inhumane and shows a disrespect for life and the law. Li Xiuhong is one of thousands of practitioners tortured in labour camps as a result of the Chinese Communist Party's policy of persecution of Falun Gong.

We call for international human rights organizations to speak out and urge the Chinese Communist regime to stop the persecution of Li Xiuhong and release her immediately without conditions. We also hope that people will help stop the persecution taking place in Heizuizi Women's Forced Labour Camp. We want to inform those in charge at the labour camp that they will soon have to pay for their criminal behaviour. We would also like those who know more details about the labour camp's persecution tactics to join us in exposing the criminal behaviour.

Bureau of Forced Labour Camp, Office of Justice, Jilin Province
Wang Tingjun, director: 86-431-2750222
Yang Yong, deputy director: 86-431-2794283
Ding Zhaowei, deputy director: 86-431-2750228
Liu Tiejun, deputy director: 86-431-2750166
Liu Xianyu, deputy director: 86-431-2790004
Liu Xiaofeng, office manager: 86-431-2795608
Bai Guang, head of Management Department: 86-431-2799874

Jilin Provincial Women's Forced Labour Camp
Ma, director: 86-431-5384312 Ext.8001
Tian, deputy director: 86-431-5384312 Ext.8005
Management Department: 86-431-5384312 Ext.8014

Suburban "Procuraturate" of Changchun City
Wang Maoyi, chief procurator: 86-13578903555 (Mobile), 86-431-84662168 (Office), 86-431-85300168 (Home)
Wang Dianwu: 86-13944800225 (Mobile)
Li Zhanfa (responsible for Heizuizi Women's Forced Labour Camp): 86-13894866599 (Mobile) 86-431-84666750 84850599
Qi Zhuang: 86-13630535701 (Mobile), 86-431-84611937 (Office)
Liu Lei: 86-13944101333 (Cell), 86-431-84611936 (Office), 86-431-88977676 (Home)
Chen Zhimin: 86-13134313388 (Mobile) 86-431-84666759 (Office)
Mao Shuquan: 86-13069019551 (Mobile) 86-431-84666748 (Office), 86-431-84850950 (Home)

Responsible for the Women's Forced Labour Camp
Gao Feng: 86-13009129658 (Mobile)
Zhao Xuanyi(female): 86-13086835868 (Mobile)

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