Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners in Germany Demand that the Chinese Communist Party Stop Interfering with Divine Performing Arts

On February 7th, 2009, Falun Gong practitioners in Germany held an activity in Frankfurt, exposing to the public how the CCP Embassy interfered with Divine Performing Arts Company's performances in Germany, and demanding that the CCP stop its interference immediately. People in free society were so disgusted and angry with the conduct of the CCP that many of them expressed that they would surely go and see the performances by Divine Performing Arts, and still others, at once, bought tickets from the booking office nearby.

“Are they crazy? Why does the CCP Embassy ask westerners not to see the show in Germany? Aren’t they out of their mind?” said a German woman angrily. She added that she knew that many human rights violations are happening now in China. Finally, she said loudly, “I will see it! I won’t wait for other people who can do something for you! I support you!”

“Is it Divine Performing Arts Chinese martial arts? “asked by two young men. On learning that Divine Performing Arts aimed at rejuvenating five thousand years of Chinese civilization and tradition, they expressed curiousity. When they learned that before Divine Performing Arts performed last year, the CCP Embassy threatened Chinese students here that if they dared to see the performance, they would have no jobs when they went back to China, they said, “In that case, we must see it!”

On seeing the banner worded with “The CCP Must Stop Interfering with Divine Performing Arts”, many tourists from China, one after another, quit the CCP and its associated organizations. Within three hours, a Falun Gong practitioner helped 8 tourists from mainland China quit the CCP and its associated organizations.

After reading the a leaflet, an expert who specializes in researching human rights in China said that he would provide the practitioners with his report about his research. When he was told that since the book “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” was published, it has led to nearly 50 million Chinese quitting the Party, he said, “Then you don’t need my report, but where can I get yours?“

“Ho, I have met you at last! I know, I know you!” When a young lady heard that the CCP Embassy had written letters to many western institutions and individuals defaming Falun Gong, preventing people from seeing Divine Performing Arts, she said happily, “Since the show is so good I will definitely go and see it!”

When Falun Gong practitioners thanked her for her moral understanding and support, she bowed to practitioners, “Thank you very much! I definitely should thank you!” while she was covering the information material up her chest. An Asian lady knew Falun Gong ten years ago. In the rain, she was standing near peaceful Falun Gong practitioners. She could not tear herself away for a long time. Finally, she bought three tickets from the booking office nearby.

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