German Practitioner Recieves Encouragement From Chinese Man

A Chinese Internet Forum Reader Becomes Thoughtful
Falun Gong is brutally persecuted in China. Her state president aggressively bombards his own people with lies and untruth about Falun Gong. Those who have become wise to the lies and to his deviousness are utilizing every opportunity they come across to expose the lies Jiang dishes out.

For a long time now I have used the Internet to inform friends in China and Chinese people in general about my views on Falun Gong and about the persecution. After my return from my trip to China to Tiananmen Square I have used the Internet to let people know of my experiences.

This afternoon I received a surprising telephone call. It was from a Chinese man who is studying in Germany. He told me that he had read the report of my experiences in Beijing and had thought long and hard about [what I had written]. He does not practice Falun Gong, but knows that it is good and finds the persecution simply horrible.

He went to quite some pains to find out my telephone number and let me know of his concern. This phone call made me happy. I know that he is one of many who have discovered for themselves how brutal the persecution of Falun Gong really is. This man has discovered the truth and he will have a wonderful future.

More and more people are seeing through the lying propaganda Jiang Zemin is perpetrating. Ever more Chinese citizens realize the truth about Falun Gong. Many do already know that Falun Dafa is innocent and good.

By a German Dafa practitioner.

(Original text in German)

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