Practitioner from Shanghai Losing His Sight After Seven Years of Persecution in Prison

Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Lan Bin, 41, from Shanghai was arrested in 2001 by the Xuhui District Police Department in Shanghai and sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. He has been jailed at the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai for over seven years. It was learned recently that he is in very poor health.

Doctors have diagnosed that his eyesight problems are incurable. His ocular bleeding cannot be stopped and is worsening. Doctors said, "His eyes are in very bad shape, and he will definitely lose his sight." The root cause is his high blood pressure, which causes pressure in the blood vessels, triggering them to break, which will lead to loss of sight.

Mr. Lan Bin's overall health is now deteriorating. He not only has eye problems, but also chronic nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys), and high blood pressure. He is very weak.

All of Mr. Lan's health problems are the result of his being persecuted. For example, after he was arrested by the Xuhui District Police Department, he was deprived of sleep for seven days and nights, beaten and threatened. He couldn't walk when he left the police department. He was carried to the detention centre, thrown onto a concrete floor, and woke up three days later. Not long after this, he was unable to stand up, and was sent to Tilanqiao Hospital in Shanghai City. He was hospitalized for five months, suffering from viral rheumatoid arthritis. As a result of medicine overdose, his genitalia started to bleed. The inflammation progressed into chronic nephritis. He was on the verge of death twice during his stay in the prison hospital.

After Mr. Lan was transferred to the Tilanqiao Prison, he was physically threatened and mentally traumatized. He was later transferred from the Youth Experiment Team (a facility just for Falun Gong practitioners) to the Third Division. While he was walking down the steps, he fainted due to his high blood pressure. Soon after he was transferred to the Sixth Division.

Mr. Lan was originally just near-sighted, but by early this year, he could no longer see anything clearly. Sometimes he can't even read while writing a letter. Following his strong requests, guards took him to the prison hospital for a check-up.

Liu Jinbao, director of Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai City: 86-21-35104888
Cheng Ying, deputy director of Tilanqiao Prison: 86-21-35104888
Mr. Feng, team leader of Third Team, in the Sixth Division of Tilanqiao Prison

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