Ms. Han Ming Died in 2003 Due to Poisonous Injection in Guizhou Province--Additional Information

Ms. Han Ming was an employee of the Pingshui Machinery Factory, a large military machinery factory and the primary employer in the town, located in Pingba County, Guizhou Province. She was detained twice for persisting in Falun Gong cultivation, and on February 28th, 2001, she was sentenced to two years of forced labour. While detained in the Guizhou Province Women's Forced Labour Camp, she was injected with an unknown drug, which caused her entire body to suffer muscle atrophy. She died on March 20th, 2003, at the young age of 30.

In August 2000, instructed by the Pingba County Police Department, the Pingshui Machinery Factory Neighbourhood Administration held a brainwashing session in the Pingshuishanzhuang Hotel. All identified practitioners were forced to join this class. Ms. Han did the Falun Gong exercises every morning, and the guards discovered her. Police officers questioned her to see if she would continue to practise Falun Gong, and she said yes. They immediately detained her (and Ms. Ji Yuanfang, who later died in 2002). Her breast was severely infected during detention, and she was bailed out on a medical parole. Upon returning home she quickly recovered from her illness because she kept studying the Falun Gong teachings and doing the exercises.

One morning in early February 2001, the police stormed into Ms. Han's home. They ransacked it, took all her Falun Gong materials, and detained her a second time for 15 days. Only a few days after being released on February 28th, 2001, she was sentenced to two years of forced labour, dismissed from her job, and admitted to the Guizhou Province Women's Forced Labour Camp.

Ms. Han endured cruel mental and physical torture in the labour camp. Guard Gu Xinying tried with all her might to brainwash Ms. Han. She instructed a drug addicted prisoner to write the three statements1 for Ms. Han to sign. Ms. Han tore the statements into pieces, which made Gu angry, and she slapped Ms. Han repeatedly. She then had eight guards and prisoners hold Ms. Han down on a bed, and injected her with four vials of an unknown drug. These injections caused Ms. Han to lose her memory, and her muscles atrophied, and her legs would no longer support her weight. The camp administration was afraid that her case would be made public, so they kept her family from visiting her. She could no longer take care of herself.

In June 2002, Ms. Han Ming's friend suddenly received a phone call from a guard named Chen in the labour camp. Chen said that Ms. Han was very sick and needed to be picked up. Her friend rushed to the camp the next day, but Guard Shen said she didn't know anything about this arrangement. Ms. Han's friend had to return home alone. In August 2002, the Neighbourhood Administration called her friend to pick her up but would not allow Ms. Han to live in her home, because they said Ms. Han was sick with tuberculosis. Her friend asked if it was okay to take her to a single house outside the factory family housing. They agreed but soon changed their minds, and said she must be taken directly to a hospital.

On September 3rd, 2002, Ms. Han was taken to the Pingba County Hospital with a guard watching her at all times. Ms. Han was very weak and could not stand up. Three days later her mother took her home. She could hardly stand up. Due to the severity of her condition, she appeared to have difficulty breathing and was confused. She died of system failure on March 20th, 2003.

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1. "Three Statements": Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write "Repentance Statement," "Guarantee Statement" or 'Dissociation Statement" as proof that they have given up their belief. In the statement, the practitioner is forced to admit remorse for practising Falun Gong, promise to give up Falun Gong, and never again associate with other practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

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