Germany: Practitioners Invite People to Speak Out at an Activity in Munich

On October 18th, Falun Gong practitioners in the Munich area held an activity exposing the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong and in support of the 40 million withdrawals from the CCP in China. The activity attracted many tourists, as well as local residents. Many people condemned the CCP's harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners organs and signed their names at the petition table, including tourists from Japan, Thailand, India and Taiwan. There were also people expressing a wish to learn Falun Gong, inquiring about the local practice sites. Many Chinese people came to look at the photo exhibition and they took their photos with the Falun Gong practitioners practicing the exercises and unceasingly taking their photos next to the banners giving support to quitting the CCP and there were also people who expressed a wish to quit the CCP various organisations on the spot.

At the week-end the autumn wind was crisp and clear, the sightseers in Munich were plentiful. When they saw Falun Gong practitioners practising the exercises, they came over to have a look.

As a married couple by the name of Doeling from Bamberg were looking fixedly at the Falun Gong practitioners practicing the exercises, their granddaughter was amongst the crowd looking at the photo exhibition about the CCP persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and the Chinese people. When Falun Gong practitioners asked them to sign their names, they said that last weekend they had just signed their names in Bamberg, in protest against the Eutelsat surrender to the CCP pressure to break off the broadcast signal for NTDTV in Asia. Mr. Doelin, who has a technological job said, “Our interest was first drawn to this matter before the Olympic Games, before that this matter had not been spread that much in society, I hope more people can stand up and oppose the CCP and I hope that NTDTV can restart again.” His wife added to his words by saying, “We cannot always remain silent; it must be time for us Europeans to speak out.”

Many tourists from China expressed worry about the situation in China, hoping that one would find a way out. Many amongst them wished to know what Falun Gong was and questions such as why one should quit the CCP and so on. Many people discussed these questions with Falun Gong practitioners. An educated woman who had just come back from visiting her parents in China expressed, that after she had gone back to China, she saw much flourishing on the surface, however she said that there were many problems in China, and most of the people showed apathy to this. She also wanted to do something so that she could change this situation, but felt that her ability was not equal to her ambition, however upon seeing Falun Gong practitioners persistent efforts, she felt admiration. She believed that Falun Gong practitioners way of doing things could wake up the Chinese peoples numb hearts.

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