A Trial of Strength between Violence and Belief --- My Twenty-six Days in Prison

By a Dafa practitioner

On the evening of March 1, 2002, I was arrested while distributing Dafa truth clarification materials. In the local police station, policemen interrogated me several times. I refused to cooperate and told them that I was only doing good deeds and was telling the truth. Even after I went on a hunger strike, I kept my thoughts righteous to combat the evil persecuting Dafa and me. I refused to tell my name and rejected any illegal interrogation and picture taking. I used different opportunities to clarify the truth and promote Dafa to people. The policemen didn't dare to beat me.

Two days later I was sent to the detention centre. Since this was my third time there, they knew who I was. Two other practitioners were detained there as well. We went on a hunger strike and did Fa Zheng Nian [Maintaing a tranquil mind after reciting a Falun Gong verse once – Ed. note.] together. We refused to cooperate with the evil oppression. When the guards and the police from the local station called me for interrogation, I refused to go. Under my strong mind, they all left. When the guard beat Dafa practitioners I kept righteous thoughts in front of him and called, "Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa is a righteous practice. It is a crime to persecute good people. Good will be rewarded and the evil will receive retribution."

On the fifth day of my hunger strike, the detention centre forced a tube into my stomach, handcuffed me from behind, and had prisoners watch me around the clock. My stomach felt very painful and blood came from the stomach-tube. My throat hurt, I could not speak. I endured the pain. I thought, "I shall not passively endure. I will resist the persecution." Two days later, I broke the stomach-tube with my teeth and pulled it out. They then unlocked my handcuffs. When the prisoners tried to force-feed me in the cell, I said, "You will have to take the responsibility if something bad happens." As a result, the prisoners didn't force-feed me that weekend.

The second time they inserted the tube into my stomach, they carried me to the office. This time, I directly faced the director of the detention centre and the guards and exposed the vicious persecution. Thus, they not only inserted the stomach-tube but also sewed the tube to my nose. The director said, "If he is not afraid of the pain, he can pull it out. We will just insert it again."

The same day, I again severed the tube with my teeth and pulled it out.

They inserted the stomach tube for the third time. I broke the tube with my teeth as I stepped out the cell and pulled it out later. When they inserted the stomach-tube for the fourth time, they handcuffed me on the bed and tied up my legs. One day later, I again broke the stomach-tube. They then used the broken tube for the force-feeding. Even though the prisoners were watching me closely, within a few days, I broke the tube again and pulled it out little by little. After they found out, they recklessly inserted the broken tube into my nose until; finally, they could no longer force-feed me.

During the various attempts to insert the tube the guard tried several times to open my mouth with tools. But he failed even though he had loosened my teeth. Seeing I was not going to just accept this treatment he said, in front of everybody in the cell, "You are really a good practitioner." During the force-feeding, some vicious inmates saw that I did not swallow the food but spat it out, so they hit me on the face and chest, pinched my cheeks and tweaked my mouth. I just kept resisting.

In the detention centre I kept righteous thoughts. I studied Teacher Li’s writings. Sometimes I did meditation. I didn't cooperate with their evil requirements such as interrogation, forced labour, wearing prison uniform, being on duty, having photos taken and reciting the Jail Rules, etc. I also used every opportunity to clarify the truth to the guards and inmates, promoting Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.

After hearing the news that I was going to be released, I was really pleased. I felt my release was due to my purity and resistance of the evil perpetrated against me. As soon as I saw the statement of "the crime is minor", I refused to sign that I had commited a crime.

Through these twenty six days of tribulation, I deeply understood that with purity and understanding there is nothing that cannot be achieved.


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