Self-Reflection after Self-Resentment

Today I studied "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005" and "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital." Teacher said:

"As you know, the old forces' goal is to test Dafa disciples by having these clowns stage this persecution, isn't it? They think, 'The test of Dafa disciples isn't over yet. Those students who have not yet stepped forward should be doing so continuously, and you have let those who haven't done well, do well.' If we're going to talk about hindering the Fa-rectification's progress in this world, well, these students really are slowing it down. If [I] don't look after these people they will be destroyed and utterly finished, but they made vows in the past, and a being can't be judged based on one lifetime only, and should instead be judged comprehensively based on what has happened over time. So how could they not be looked after?"

("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005")

Teacher also said:

"If Dafa disciples' cultivation were to end today, if just this many people were to be saved--if the number of the world's people to be saved was just this many--and everything were to end at this point, it would take less than a day for the evil party to disintegrate. (Applause) That's because the purpose of its existence, the reason history created it in the first place, and the process of sustaining it all have been for the sake of Dafa disciples validating the Fa today. That is what the old forces arranged. When it's no longer of any use, why would it be kept?"

("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital")

I am truly sad to think about how attached I was to the Beijing Olympic Games. It turned out that I had been one of the students slowing down the Fa-rectification in this world!

How have those sluggish students such as I hindered the progress of the Fa-rectification in this world? It is because we have not cultivated well and are falling far below the standard for the divine beings in the new universe. If the Fa-rectification should arrive in the human realm right now, would we be able to reach Consummation? Wouldn't we have wasted all those millions of years of waiting? Look at me. Once in a while I still fear and hate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I long to complete my cultivation. I still suffer from the attachments of vanity, jealousy, lust, as well as many others, and I don't always take criticism well. I feel very sad and ashamed of myself.

Additionally, we have not saved everyone we ought to save. If the Fa-rectification should conclude right now, imagine the number of people we should have saved but that will perish instantly. Imagine the number of cosmoses associated with these people that will perish as well! We ought to be ashamed! We have let down those infinite sentient beings in the universe who long for Teacher's salvation. We have failed to fulfill the sacred pledge we have made to Teacher so long ago.

It's Teacher's infinite compassion that changed the historic prophecy about the Beijing Olympic Games. It's Teacher that has extended the ending of the Fa-rectification in the world and given those sluggish students one more opportunity to upgrade our cultivation, to save sentient beings, and to make up for our losses. We must cherish the new opportunity!

From now on we must follow Teacher's requirements and strive to do well the Three Things. We should think about nothing but doing the Three Things well, for they encompass saving sentient beings, upgrading our cultivation levels, and reaching Consummation.

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