San Francisco Chronicle: Letter to the Editor – China’s Violence

Editor -- Regarding the article, "Chinese vice president snubs Rep. Pelosi" (May 3):

Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, is lucky she wasn't in China when she attempted to bring Hu Jintao's attention to the atrocious human rights record of the Chinese government -- he would have had her jailed in no time.

The story quotes an analyst at the Center For Strategic and International Studies in Washington as saying that the United States "wants nothing to distract from a perception of global solidarity against terrorism." The problem is that China is itself a terrorist nation.

The Chinese government routinely commits violent acts against private citizens and conducts terrorism against groups such as the Falun Gong and other spiritual or political organizations. And China sends arms to the very countries that President Bush claims are an "axis of evil."

China, along with the United States, is among the leading arms exporters. So if we're serious about rooting out sponsors of terrorism, let's go to Washington and Beijing and do it.


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