610 Office in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province Arrests Another Nurse for Practising Falun Gong

On May 23rd, 2008, 610 Office1 agent Wang Jianhuai in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province called Falun Gong practitioner Zhou Ling, who is a nurse in-charge at the Huaian City Chinese Traditional Medical Hospital. He asked her to go to the Qinghe District Police Department to "have a talk." After Ms. Zhou went to the 610 Office at the Qinghe District Police Department, she was arrested and detained at the Huaian City Detention Centre.

Before Ms. Zhou's arrest, Falun Gong practitioner Hu Yunqin, another nurse in-charge at the Huaian City Chinese Traditional Medical Hospital, was arrested on April 15th from her work place. Four police from the Qinghe District 610 Office, including police officers Chang Shulin and Wang Jianhuai and the Security Protection Section Chief of the Huaian City Chinese Traditional Medical Hospital, Wei Yujie, arrested Hu Yunqin and detained her for 15 days. Hu Yunqin was brutally tortured, both physically and mentally, and she still suffers from extreme pain, even after being released. Her left eye was beaten badly, causing bleeding and vision blurring. Even now, she still suffers from a painful wrist injury.

Ms. Zhou Ling, who is 48 years old, was a very hard worker at her job and she was even honoured with the "outstanding nurse in-charge" award. After explaining the facts about Falun Gong to a patient at work, the patient reported her to the authorities. On February 3rd, 2008, Qinhe District 610 Office police officers Wang Jianhuai, Chang Shulin and others confiscated Zhou Ling's home, beat her and took away her personal computer, mobile phone and other personal belongings. Later she was detained for a month.

During her detention, police officers Wang Jianhuai and Chang Shulin went to the detention centre many times to torture and interrogate her. On March 3rd, the 610 police transferred her to the Communist Party School Hotel to brutally torture her and force her to sit on the tiger bench2 for four days and nights. She was released on March 7th, but the police still monitored her at her home and frequently harassed her at her work place. The police never returned her computer and other personal belongings.

According to sources, Zhou Ling has already been sentenced to one-year of forced labour after she was arrested on May 23rd. The CCP officials notified her family members only after they had already sent Zhou Ling away.


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. "Tiger Bench": Prisoners are forced to sit on a small iron bench that is approximately 20 cm (6 inches) tall with their knees tied together. With their hands tied behind their backs or sometimes placed on their knees, they are forced to sit straight up and look straight ahead without movement for long periods of time.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2008/5/30/179392.html

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