Falun Gong Truth Clarification Videos Air in Many Cities of Heilongjiang Province on April 20, 2002

By a practitioner in China

April 26, 2002

In the evening of April 20, Dafa practitioners in Harbin City, Daqing City, Qiqihar City, Mudanjiang City, Jiamusi City, Hegang City, Shuangyashan City, Jixi City and other cities broadcast Falun Gong truth-clarification videos through the local cable TV network. The details of the incident in different cities are not yet well known.

After an initial investigation, the video aired in Jiamusi City was shown through the Agriculture and Reclamation System cable network. According to some non-practitioners, the program was cut off after twelve minutes. This might be inaccurate, because the equipment used to show the videos was not discovered until after 75 minutes of broadcasting. There are between 2,000 to 3,000 users of the Agriculture and Reclamation System cable network.

It was also learned that the video in Harbin City was also aired through the Agriculture and Reclamation System cable network. At the present time, the police are arresting practitioners in the Agriculture and Reclamation System in a frenzy.

Right now in Jiamusi City, all police forces have been dispatched. Even people at the street committee level were pressed into service. They patrol all day long or wait at practitioners' homes and workplaces. The police cars drive along very slowly, searching for practitioners everywhere. Practitioners Xu Hongzhen (pseudonym), Ma Xiaohua and her daughter were arrested because they lived in the Agriculture and Reclamation System residential compound. In Ma's home, Ma's grand daughter was left at home alone with no source of income. Many practitioners were forced to leave home and go from place to place in order to avoid illegal arrest. The detention centres are filled with practitioners. For practitioners who refused to open their doors, the thugs used a master key to open it, or they would wait somewhere close by and break in when the practitioners' family members come out; or they cut off the electricity and phone connections to the home and harassed the practitioners 24 hours a day. These thugs use all kinds of despicable means to reach their goals.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/4/30/21532.html

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