United Kingdom: London Audience Expresses Appreciation for the Divine Performing Arts

On the afternoon of August 24, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts on Tour successfully concluded its four performances in London. Audience feedback for the shows has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Two cousins said that the Divine Performing Arts performance has helped them to better understand genuine Chinese culture

Two ladies from the audience expressed their views about the show. One of them was Nola, who moved to London from Ireland. She is an amateur painter. The other lady was Nola's cousin, Jessica, who is a college student, majoring in arts.

Nola said excitedly that the whole performance was full of spirit, and it had a very traditional spirit, which was exactly what had attracted her most. She stressed that the programs could make people wake up. She thought she had had a certain understanding of China and the Chinese culture, but she discovered that she actually knew very little about Chinese traditions. She said that the dances were very beautiful and elegant and had opened up the Chinese culture for her, with its history and traditions.

Jessica said that after seeing the show, her understanding of Chinese culture was no longer limited to dragon or lion dancing in Chinatown. She kept speaking highly of the dances and said that the female dancers were so elegant and their movements were like floating. Jessica said that she particularly liked the child dancer, who was very lovely.

Nola and Jessica thought the music was very touching, especially the Erhu music. This was the first time they had heard an Erhu. Nola said emotionally, "The Erhu music touched my heart. It made me feel sorrowful. It was really wondrous that with two strings the performer could produce such touching music. No other instruments can generate that unique sound."

Nola found that in the program "The Power of Awareness," the performers had many movements and the waving of their hands was every powerful, causing her to feel energy and warmth. She said that the program carried the message of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," which is important to everyone.

The two ladies believe that the performance conveyed very rich messages and they need time to slowly savor and understand some of the information. In the meantime, they said that they hoped to see the performance again next year.

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