France: Divine Performing Arts Performs the First of Four Shows in Paris and Wins Acclaim from VIPs

On February 29th, 2008, the first of four Chinese Spectacular shows in Paris was held in Palais des Congres de Paris. Palais des Congres de Paris, located in a busy area, can hold 3800 people and is the best multi-functional theatre in Europe.

As the music began and the curtain rose, the scene of the heavens and auspicious clouds and fog appeared. The audience called out praises and applauded. During the performance, the audience and performers interacted warmly. After the show, the curtains lowered and the audience was reluctant to leave. The performers answered curtain calls three times.

Audience of Chinese Spectacular Performers answered curtain calls three times

Councilor of the Portugal Embassy in France: Never seen such a good performance

Fatima Ramos (left), Culture Councilor of Portugal Embassy in France, and the ambassador's wife MP Herve Feron

Fatima Ramos is a Culture Councilor of the Portugal Embassy in France. She indicated that from the show she learned about traditional Chinese culture and greatly enjoyed the show. She thought each performance was excellent. The ambassador's wife, who came to see the show with Ms. Ramos, said that she liked the drum performances the most. She said that she has seen Beijing Opera before, but that this performance was better than anything she's seen and said, "Fantastic! Wonderful!"

Member of French Parliament: This is a new art

MP Herve Feron was in good spirits after watching the show. He said he enjoyed the show immensely since the Divine Performing Arts' show is so diversified. He said that the Chinese Spectacular is a new art.

MP Feron said the show was colorful and the performers were excellent. It was clear to him that the performers work very hard to perfect their skills. He said that the most outstanding thing is that the Chinese Spectacular expresses rich traditional culture.

Assistant to MP: The Chinese Spectacular was a surprising delight

Pascal Favre, an assistant of MP Yves Bur, said after watching the show, "The show is interesting and graceful. It was colorful and energetic. For me it was a surprising delight. We can feel the meaning behind the show. Chinese history and legends are very meaningful."

Pascal Favre, an assistant of MP Yves BUR

"What I liked most was 'Victory Drums.' The drum sound and choreography are very entertaining," said Mr. Favre, "The information from the show has rich spiritual connotation expressed through art. We can feel that they were not just dancing, but expressing deep meaning."

Mr. Favre said, "The show emphasized the root of Chinese culture. It is interesting that museums spread traditional Chinese culture, but now this show presents it with art and integration with modern life."

Finally, he said, "The Divine Performing Arts tours around the globe, which is a great thing. It allows those who do not have the chance to travel to other parts of the world to learn about Chinese culture directly from the stage performance."

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