Germany: Press Announcement in Germany Condemns Attempts by the Chinese Communist Regime to Interfere with the Chinese Spectacular

“I would have never imagined the Chinese Communist regime would attempt to interfere with a cultural show, such as the Chinese Shen Yun Gala. We live in a democracy. It is inconceivable that the Chinese Communist regime could bring its influence to bear in the West,” said Karl Eilert.

The retiree heard about the attempt by the Chinese regime to prevent the Chinese Shen Yun Spectacular from being performed in Sweden during a demonstration by the Falun Gong Association, one of the organisers of the Gala on Tuesday February 2nd 2008 in one of Duisburg’s shopping centres.

The Chinese Embassy in Sweden attempted on January 25th to stop the performance by the Divine Performing Arts in the Shen Yun Chinese Spectacular, a special cultural show celebrating the Chinese New Year, in Sweden’s city Linkoeping. As the Chinese Embassy had no influence over the show’s programme, their attempted interference failed, according to a local news broadcast by the Swedish National Television SVT on Sunday. [Please find additional information about the incident at:]

The retiree was deeply affected when he heard about the systematic organ harvesting on live Falun Gong practitioners by the regime in China. “Under no circumstances can this be tolerated. We definitely have to demonstrate against such ongoing. If something like this happens in China, I’m referring to the organ harvesting, and our politicians continue to trade with China suggests that they tolerate such on goings. One has to protest against this. He was very interested to hear more about Shen Yun. The retiree will dig further into the matter and if he can make time he will also go and see the Gala.

“I am impressed that you brought the Shen Yun Show to Duisburg. Some will be bored by it, but we find this very good. It is very nice,” said two young people during an interview with NTDTV.

Many people, who detest the Chinese Communist Party ploys, were attracted to the demonstration. At the same time, the media including the WDR [the West German Radio station] were alerted to the incidents, including the attempt by the Chinese Embassy in Bonn, to discredit the Spectacular in the Chinese Community through extensive propaganda, in the hope to prevent them from going to see the show. Therefore, the demonstration before the Gala event was a perfect opportunity to tell the truth about the Gala.

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