United Kingdom: More Praise for the Chinese Spectacular in London

From the 22nd to the 24th of February, the Chinese Gala Spectacular was staged for four consecutive performances at the Royal Festival Hall in London. During the opening show, on the evening of the 22nd, the auditorium was packed with an enchanted audience.

Importer: Glad to have the Spectacular in London

Company proprietor Roland imports goods from China. He is British and lived in Hong Kong for a few years, as well as having visited Taiwan. Roland commented happily, “Quite exciting. The show was very colourful. The music was great and dancers were excellent.” He said that it was his first time to see such a performance. Even in London it is difficult to find such authentic Chinese culture. He considered it a very good experience for Londoners to watch the Gala Spectacular. He said, “It’s great to have the Divine Performing Arts tour group here. If they come to London again next year, I will definitely come again, definitely!”

Novelist: The show is rich in spiritual content and sensational

Daniel Gao, who has been on an assignment with an engineering firm in the UK for a year and a half, came from Eastern Texas in the US. He and his wife Carolyn will possibly leave for another assignment in Australia in five months’ time. They were very excited to see the Chinese Spectacular in the UK. His wife Carolyn is a novelist. She said that the performance was “lovely, moving, spiritual and sensational.” Daniel added eagerly, “Definitely lovely. The colours, music, everything was perfect. If my mum came, she would have loved this performance.” Daniel’s father is Chinese. According to him, the family had always wanted to visit China but never managed it. After the performance, he looked forward to visiting the country even more.

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