Mr. Jiang Zonglin Arrested by Chengdu Police

On August 2nd, 2007, Chengdu resident and Falun Dafa practitioner Jiang Zonglin was arrested. His whereabouts is still unknown. Both Fuqin Police Department of Chengdu City and the State Protection Brigade of Jinniu Public Security Sub-bureau are denying any responsibility. They refused to notify Jiang's family members of his current situation. The Fuqin Police and the National Security Brigade of Jinniu Public Security Sub-bureau are, however, most likely involved in this situation. The responsible police officers in this case are Pan (surname) and Bei (surname) from the Fuqin Police Station.

Main responsible departments:
Chengdu Police Station
Section One of Jinniu Public Security Sub-bureau: 86-28-87656434
Fuqin Police Station: 86-28-87784291

Main responsible person: Qin, head of the Criminal Investigation Division
Responsible police officers: Pan and Bei

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