Practitioner Tortured - Police Chief Responsible for the Arrest Meets Untimely Death

These two incidents happened in Qianxi County, Hebei Province on the same day, July 26th, 2007.

Incident 1:

At the 8:30 A.M. roll call in a cell in Qianxi Jail, Falun Dafa practitioner Chuan Zhiwu raised the issue with the deputy jail warden Fu Jianjun that criminal inmates had beaten him for no apparent reason. Rather than dealing with the issue, Fu instead verbally abused Chuan. When Chuan said: "Being the jail warden how can you verbally abuse people?" Fu went into the cell and began slapping Chuan, while ordering people to get handcuffs and shackles for him. He hit Chuan so hard that it hurt his hand, so he picked up an inmate's shoe and continued to slap Chuan, which made his head dizzy and eyes dazzled. Blood filled his mouth, stained his clothes and dripped onto the ground. Then they put handcuffs and shackles on him and tied them together.

Chuan was arrested on July 18th, by Zhang Yinbo, the chief of Chenguan District Police Department of Qianxi City and a few others from the mine where he was working at the time. It was about 11:00 P.M. The captain of the national security division of Qianxi Police Department, Zhu Zhengang and Zhang Yinbo led a dozen or so policemen to practitioner Chuan Cuijun's home (she had been sentenced to five years in prison, and was held in Shijiazhuan Women's Prison), broke in, ransacked her home, and arrested her sister-in-law Chai Junxia and a sixty-year-old lady. They took away a TV, a computer, a VideoCD, an MP3, and a printer Subsequently, Zhang Yinbo, accompanied by three policemen, went along with five other policemen from the police station in Jingcangyu Village to the gold mine and arrested Chuan Zhiwu, the husband of Chuan Cuijun.

Chuan Zhiwu was put into a jail cell on the morning of July 19th. As soon as he walked into the cell, an inmate walked up and slapped him heavily, causing stars to appear in front of his eyes. Chuan stopped the deputy warden Fu Jianjun: "Inmates hit me." Fu made a gesture to ask other inmates: "Did you guys see anyone hit him?" The inmates said: "No." Fu said: "Since no one saw it, it must not have happened." He turned around and left. Chuan then told the warden, Shan Enyu: "They hit me." Shan said: "My investigation showed that they did not." On July 26th, when Chuan told Fu that inmates hit him again, the reaction he got from Fu was an even more violent beating and the "paoliao"

"Paoliao", in Qianxi dialect, is to put handcuffs and shackles on a person, and then use a chain of less then 50 cm. to tie both together. When a person is being "paoliaoed", he would have to keep his body bent at more than 90 degrees if he were to stand. To move from one place to another he has to bend over and slowly inch his way along. Chuan was savagely tortured this way for a whole month. Finally he was let up when the district attorney's office did not find sufficient evidence and refused to issue the arrest warrant. During this period, they hit him that his face was bruised and swollen. His neck also swelled badly, so that he was unable to eat. Fu said grimly: " We'll force-feed you if you dare go on a hunger strike." Under such brutal and degrading torture, Chuan very soon turned into a living skeleton.

Incident 2:

On the morning of July 26th, the chief of Chengguang District Police Department Zhang Yinbo, one of the responsible parties that arrested Chuan Zhiwu, went out to have a walk with his wife. At Xishan Park, Zhang suddenly felt short of breath and was carried down the hill and sent to the county hospital. The examination found nothing wrong and he was let go. But then he felt uncomfortable again at work and was taken to the hospital again. But this time his luck had run out, and he died.

Zhang was only 42 years old, and died soon after he became the chief of the Chengguang District Police Department. This caused a big stir within the whole county. Even people in the police department were saying that he was being punished because he persecuted Falun Gong. Indeed just eight days ago, he and the captain of the national security division of Qianxi Police Department, Zhu Zhengang led a bunch of policemen to practitioner Chuan Cuijun's home, broke in and ransacked it. They arrested her sister-in-law Chai Junxia and a sixty-year-old lady and took a lot of valuable items. Then they rushed overnight for dozens of miles to Jingcangyu Gold Mine and arrested Chuan Zhiwu, Chuan Cuijun's husband. This tall, strong person in his prime was misled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and did his best to persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners. This unavoidably led to an early end of his life.

Remark 1: Chuan Zhiwu's wife Chuan Cuijun is still being held in Shijiazhuan Women's

Remark 2: The "paoliao" was also applied to another Falun Gong practitioner Liu Yong. He was around twenty years old and was attending college in Beijing, and was once imprisoned here. In the winter of 2000, as a student in Beijing, he went to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested. He repeatedly told facts fo the true nature of Falun Gong to Liu Chun. Not only did he not listen to him, but Liu Chun beat him up more savagely each time than the last. Once they applied "paoliao" to him for three months. Afterwards, he was just a skeleton. Liu Yong still insisted on telling Liu Chun the facts, and was kicked over and fell down the foot-and-half high step, tumbling a few times. Liu Chun ordered the inmates to put a hose under Liu Yong's clothes and turn on the water, which froze the clothes on him right away.

In the eight years of the persecution of Falun Gong, over 100 practitioners have been held and tortured here. They included local as well as out of town practitioners, the old and young, students, male and female, retired people, and farmers.

We want to tell policemen Fu Jianjun and Shan Enyu and others who participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Qianxi Jail: If you still want to have a future, please stop your persecution of the practitioners right away.

Qianxi Jail:

Shan Enyu, warden: 86-315-5664509, 86-315-5689661, 86-13832983661
Chen Hong, policeman: 86-315-5668346, 86-13832983606
Li Yuanshi, deputy warden: 86-315-5615826, 86-13832983687
Fu Jianjun, deputy warden: 86-315-5665386, 86-13184798035

Political and Justice Directory:

Bai Xingyuan, director: 86-315-5612537, 86-315-5613336, 86-13582843688
Gao Jianxiang, Executive vice director: 86-315-5612417, 86-315-5689585, 86-13832982718

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