Wang Junchang, a National Security Team Agent That Ransacks Practitioners' Homes in Li County of Hebei Province

When three elderly Falun Dafa practitioners, Ms. Wenzhen, Ms. Cui Shumei, and Ms. Cui Xiaoxian from Nan Guan Village, Li County, Hebei Province, went to the Huagang area to distribute leaflets exposing the persecution of Falun Gong, they were taken into custody by Li County National Security Team agents. That afternoon, one of the security team agents, Wang Jun, male, lead a group that ransacked the practitioners' homes.

The real purpose of the raid was robbery. They took away whatever valuables they could. When the police searched Ms. Cui Shumei's home, there was no one home. The agents climbed over the wall, went through the yard. and broke open the door. They looted a 25-inch colour TV, a DVD player, a motorised tricycle, Falun Dafa books, tapes, lecture CDs, an MP3 player, a satellite dish, and many other items. The thugs turned all five rooms upside down, leaving everything in disarray. They took away anything valuable, leaving only a broken refrigerator behind. All of the drawers with locks were pried open, and clothing was thrown around. The practitioner's granddaughter cried when she arrived home, and she did not dare sleep there.

The police looted the homes of three kind, elderly ladies who just wanted to cultivate. Ms. Cui Shumei and Ms. Cui Xiaoxian's families are poor. What little they had accumulated throughout their lives was stolen. When Wan Junchang and the other thugs ransacked the homes, they did not show any search warrants, nor any identification. They did not provide a list of the items they took.

Wang Junchang's mobile phone number: 86-135-033-82201
Police department director Zhai Yanqing: 86-312-622-6166, 86-312-302-5556 or 86-139-322-29115

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