Short Article from OÖnachrichten Newspaper in Austria: Attack on Lawyer in China

BEIJING. A Chinese Attorney who is known to have represented dissidents was attacked and mistreated.

Mr. Li Heping said that he was forced into a car by strangers as he was leaving his office. “They covered my head and took me to a place far away, into a basement, beat me and accused me of causing trouble for Beijing.” He was released after five hours. On the next day, he found that his license to practise had disappeared from his office and that the hard disc of his computer had been erased.

In the past, Li Heping has often represented plaintiffs accusing state employees of corruption, cases of police misconduct, and members of the prohibited spiritual group Falun Gong. Gao Zhisheng, one of the best-known human rights lawyers in China and recipient of the Austrian Bruno Kreisky Prize for Human Rights is also in trouble. He was abducted from his office in Beijing by secret police not too long ago.

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