United Kingdom: Falun Gong in Leeds City Centre

On Saturday the 6th of October Falun Gong practitioners from Leeds and surrounding cities gathered in Dortmund Square of Leeds to introduce Falun Gong and reveal the atrocities of the illegal persecution that is taking place against this practice in China.

Been a busy Saturday in one of England's largest cities there was a lot of people passing-by the area where the activity was been held. This in turn gave many people a chance to learn about the practice and to sign their names on the petition to show their support against the persecution.

Falun Gong practitioners demonstrate the fifth Falun Gong exercise as people read the surrounding information

Passers-by are curious about the activity

Falun Gong practitioners had set up 'A-boards' around the area containing information about the various torture methods used against those who are found to be practising Falun Gong in China in an effort to make them give up the practice. In front of the area where practitioners were demonstrating the five sets of slow and meditative Falun Gong exercises was a banner reading 'Falun Gong practitioners are torture and killed by the Chinese Communist Party' giving anyone who happened to rush by an instant idea of why the activity was been held. At the back-end of the activity are was a table containing leaflets and other such information about the practice for those who were interested and also some petitions for those who wished to show their support in stopping the persecution.

Throughout the day many leaflets were distributed, a lot of signatures were gathered and a lot of people had the chance to speak to Falun Gong practitioners in person to find out in detail what the true situation of the persecution taking place in China is.

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