Ms. Ye Sijing in Her 60s from Changsha City, Hunan Province Sent to Forced Labour Camp

Practitioner Ms. Ye Sijing lives in Changsha City, Hunan Province. On August 2nd, 2007, Ms. Ye was sentenced to three years and sent to the Baima Women's Forced Labour Camp in Zhuzhou City of Hunan Province. She is locked in the 7th Brigade, which is designated as a unit for torturing Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Ye has been so brutally tortured that she has lost her eyesight in just 30 days.

Practitioner Ms. Ye Sijing

Police from Minzhu East Street Police Station and Kaifu District Public Safety Bureau arrested Ms. Ye on June 21st, 2007. Ms. Ye's son posted a note on their front door to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit to help his mother. Police from Kaifu District have threatened him ever since. Ms. Ye's son had no choice but to leave his hometown to avoid persecution.

Over the course of the last several years, officers from the National Security Brigade of the Kaifu District Public Safety Bureau have unlawfully arrested and sentenced practitioners Ms. Ye Sijing, Ms. Xu Jingxian, Gao Hui, and Zhou Runlin. The process often involved many illegal procedures. For example, after the officers arrested Ms. Ye, without any of her relatives present, the officers searched her house and confiscated her personal savings of 5000 yuan1. The money was never returned to her family. In April 2005, officers from the National Security Brigade of the Kaifu District Public Safety Bureau arrested Ms. Xu Jingxian and performed a search in her house without anyone present. The cash and objects confiscated from the house were never returned. The officers violated the laws knowingly. Their violations of the law reflect the arbitrary actions of the current Chinese Communist Party (CCP) legal, judicial and administrative systems in the persecution against Falun Gong.

Ms. Ye's husband is almost 60 years old and in bad health. He barely makes a living by loaning books and making keys. He hopes Ms. Ye can return home soon to help him and the family.

The persecution and torture used at the Baima Women's Forced Labour Camp in Zhuzhou City is the most severe in Henan Province. Many practitioners were tortured to death or mental collapse. Ms. Ye's family and friends worry about her safety. We hope people who believe in justice will help to end the persecution and help free the practitioners. These practitioners need to be reunited with their families.

Phone numbers:

The Kaifu District Public Safety Bureau in Changsha City,
Fan Enshan (Head of the Bureau): 86-731-4496072 (Office), 86-731-5221100 (Home), 86-13808489999 (Mobile)
Huang Jianyuan, Political Commissar: 86-731-4496072 (Office)
Lan Guiling, Deputy head of the Bureau: 6-731-4496075 (Office), 86-731-4488148 (Home), 86-13808465269 (Mobile)
Cui Xianbing, deputy head of the Bureau: 86-731-4496138 (Office), 86-731-5791196 (Home), 86-13907488199 (Mobile)
Zhu Jiang, deputy head of the Bureau: 86-13873195010 (Mobile)

The Liansheng Street Community: 86-731-4863337
Address: No. 61, Liansheng St., Changsha City, Hunan Province


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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