Give My Dad Back to Me - Diary of Mr. Meng Fanquan's Son

Diary: April 20th, 2006

Dad was arrested again. This was the fifth time Dad has been arrested.

That evening, I was home alone. Seven or eight policemen rushed into my home. They took away my computer, which I use for school work, and my MP3 player. My home was searched and turned upside down. I am so scared. I'm worried about my dad, because I heard there was an uncle that practises Falun Gong in the detention centre. One day he had diarrhoea, but the police refused to let him go to the toilet and told him to force it back. He was tortured very badly. I was shocked by this. I can't imagine what kind of torture Dad will have to go through this time.

I had such a happy family before. When I was 3 years old, my parents both began to practise Falun Gong. They stopped arguing and fighting with each other, their tempers became milder, and their health improved. They often told me to think about others. I often remember the times when Mum and Dad were playing with me. I lost that happy family in July 1999. It was as if in one night, the sky suddenly fell. My home was searched again and again. Mum and Dad were arrested, charged, beaten, put in to jail, and sent to forced labour again and again. I'm the only one left at home time after time. My classmates, who do not know the truth of the persecution, always give me strange looks. I felt so hurt in my heart. This time since Dad was arrested again, I can no longer study the guzheng (a traditional Chinese string instrument) anymore, because Mum does not earn enough money from manual labour to pay for my lessons, and Dad can no longer take me to the lessons.

I really wanted to be a police officer when I was young, and I saw it as a sacred profession. But now the policemen search my home, take away cash and other things from my home, and brutally beat up my Mum and Dad. The corners of my Mum's eyes bled from the beatings. These policemen are a bunch of gangsters. My parents are both good people. All the torment they are suffering is because my parents are steadfast in their faith. The police are supposed to go after bad people. Why do they arrest good people? I don't want to be a policeman anymore.

Diary: June 15th, 2007

Dad came back, and I was so happy! But when I opened my eyes, it turned out to be a dream.

Dad, I was reliving this dream for a long time, reflecting on the times when you were with me. Dad, when will you be back? I miss you. You were sentenced to seven years in prison; this is not fair.

Dad is very kind and smart. He works hard and is very warm to others. In school, they all say that he's a good teacher. Around the neighbourhood everyone says he's a good person. I love my Dad so much.

Why would such a good father be sent to jail? Dad is being held in Jidong Jail. In there, in order to force Dad to give up his belief, the police would not let him sleep. They beat him and torture him. Dad was tortured so badly that he lost consciousness. I don't know how he is doing now. I'm so worried about him.

My Dad has done nothing wrong. He is being treat unjustly. But where can I go to get justice for him? Who can help me? I really want to yell: "Give me back my Dad. Give me an unbroken family."

Kind people of the world, please help me. Please help my Dad, as well as people who are like my Dad, so that children like me will have happy families again.

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