Falun Dafa in Prague, The Capital of Czech Republic (Photos)

The view over the city from the grounds of the Prague Castle on the morning of March 15th 2002 was lightly steeped in a mist that looked as if it would stay all day. Yet as the yellow triangular Falun Dafa flags carried by the neat formation of the Taiwanese practitioners appeared on Hradcanskem – Prague Castle Square - a brighter day began!

Showing them the way were Czech practitioners, both local and from more distant parts of the Republic and Slovakia, and they were met by others from the UK. The many parties of tourists and their guides, the local workers and the small divisions of soldiers in ceremonial dress all heard the beautiful Falun Dafa music.

People of all nationalities happily received materials in their own languages about the marvellous benefits of Falun Gong, and about the truth of its ruthless persecution in China. The graceful exercises were quietly observed by all who passed by and a familiar peace radiated from where they were practised. The press were present and Mr Fischer the representative from the president’s office received our petition and was happy to receive the first copy of Falun Gong in Czech translation, and a book of honours awarded to Falun Dafa. Many people signed petitions and asked questions. Activities continued during the afternoon at Palackeho Square where the goodness of Falun Gong was peacefully conveyed in Czech, Slovak, English, German and other European languages.

The introductory book Falun Gong newly translated into Czech was very well received by members of the public on its first day of availability! During Fa Zheng Nian, the minds of the practitioners thought of those enduring unjust and heinous suffering in China. The evening closed after a quiet vigil in front of the Chinese Embassy.

On the morning of March 16th we divided into two groups and activities continued in Palackeho Square and a city park location. The Falun Emblem was displayed and banners showed our urgent appeal for the rescue of our fellows. Czech national television interviewed our spokespersons who appealed for urgent support from all kind hearted citizens of the Republic.

In the afternoon the long walk to the Chinese Embassy showed large numbers of the city’s people and many visitors from around the world the sight of our peaceful parade. The principles of Truth, Benevolence and Tolerance were offered with each flyer and the harmony of the atmosphere grew as our procession continued. Many among those who accepted our materials were native Chinese who took them with an air of relief as well as surprise to find us practicing Falun Gong freely in the West.

A Representative of the press accompanied us all the way, sported our big orange badge, and took many photographs with an air of friendliness and even a sense of being honoured to take part in this heartfelt appeal. It was very silent outside the embassy as we repeatedly did Fa Zheng Nian. Even the occasional passers by seemed to halt their conversations and step lightly until they were well out of earshot. A respectful silence was kept by the local police who had warmed to us as they walked the considerable distance from the city by our side. They responded warmly by waving to us and wishing us well when we finally parted company in the late evening.

Press conference in Prague Casthe Square while 71 Taiwanese Fa Zheng Nian

Taiwanese practitioners practising the exercises at Palackeho Square in Prague

Chief of Prague Special Police Control Mr Petr Kobylak Unit receives book Falun Gong in Czech and FD materials at Palackeho Square

Taiwanese practitioners at Palackeho Square in Prague do Fa Zheng Nian while Czech TV News camera looks on

Vaclav Havel's representative Mr Pavel Fischer from the office of the President of Gzech Republic accepts FD petition in the Prague Castle Square

Czech, Slovak, UK, German and Taiwanese practitioners at the launch of Falun Gong book in Czech language

(from Geneva) Mr Lukas Machon, the Human Rights Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, at the Czech Mission in Geneva receives from Czech and UK practitioners the first Czech translation of the book Falun Gong, Witness to History and other truth clarifying materials.

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