Many Dafa Practitioners in Jilin City Have Been Force-fed with Mustard Oil and Cruelly Beaten by Police

On the afternoon of June 29th, 2007, many Jilin City Dafa practitioners were arrested and taken by police from Jilin City to the Beiji police dog base (also known as a dog-kennel) in Jilin City. After being persecuted by many cruel tortures for the entire night, they were imprisoned in the Jilin City Detention Centre the next night.

Police found Ms. Feng by tracking her mobile phone. They cruelly beat her. They put a iron bar on top of her small legs, then a large policeman used his foot to roll the bar with force. They cruelly beat Ms. Feng and force-fed her with three to four bottles of mustard oil. Ms. Feng's mouth was completely deformed, and she was not able to walk or sit properly. She is now being held at Jilin City Detention Centre.

Ms. Yu Fengzhu, who is in her sixties, was also beaten and force-fed with mustard oil, which almost caused her to have a heart attack. Even though her blood pressure rose to over 200, the people in charge of her case--including the head of Chuanying Public Security Bureau and Wang Shouyi--still took advantage of her and imprisoned her in the Jilin City Detention Centre.

Ms. Han was force-fed two bottles of mustard oil and cruelly beaten. Her mouth became swollen and deformed. She felt dizzy and had a headache, and her blood pressure rose to almost 200. She could not walk normally. She has also been imprisoned in Jilin Detention Centre.

Near the north door of Hongbojiayuan, several dozen police officers took Mr. Zhang Buyuan and Ms. Chen Yutao to the first floor, inside a lighting store. They had set up an illegal court in the lighting store. Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen kindly explained the facts about Falun Dafa to the police in a peaceful way. They were later sent to the police dog centre. Mr. Zhang was force-fed with a bottle of mustard oil. Having no evidence, the police violently extorted a confession from him. Mr. Zhang was taken to Jilin Detention Centre. Mr. Chen held a hunger strike to protest the persecution and he was force-fed every day. He is imprisoned in Jilin City Detention Centre and his life is in great danger.

Ms. Wu Xiaohong was also force-fed with mustard oil, which caused her to have symptoms which included headaches. She is also imprisoned in the detention centre and she could not go to work as she normally does.

Telephone numbers:

Jilin City Detention Centre: 86-432-4819000, 86-432-4819099
Lin Guorui, head of the Third Division, National Security Group: 86-13689799978 (Mobile), 86-432-2524066 (Home)
Yu Weidong, head of the Fourth Division: 86-13843215777, 86-13019265777 (Mobile), 86-432-2024066 (Home)
Dong Ping, head of detachment: 86-13904402701 (Mobile), 86-432-4688543 (Home)

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