Five Practitioners Battered by Torture are Brought into Court on Stretchers to Stand "Trial"

On the morning of July 10th, court hearings were held in the Chuanying District of Jilin City in Jilin Province for the following five Dafa practitioners: Zhao Yinjie, Zhao Guoxing, Mu Chunhong, Wang Liqiu and Liu Yuhe. They were all so severely tortured that they were carried into the courtroom on stretchers. Police arrested Dafa practitioner Liu Guangzhi for taking pictures of the event.

The five practitioners on "trial" were arrested February 12th and 13th by police officers from Xiangyang Police Station and the National Security Bureau.

All five had been tortured for two days in the Yuesanlu Police Station. Ms. Zhao Yinjie was poked by an electric baton and force-fed mustard oil. Di Shigang, the director of the National Security Bureau, force-fed practitioner Wang Liqiu eight bottles of mustard oil. Wang fainted, but was revived with cold water. As a result, Wang exhibited symptoms of a severe heart condition. Practitioner Zhao Guoxing was force-fed horseradish roots and beaten with a steel bar. His kneecaps and calves were seriously injured. Practitioner Liu Yuhe was tortured until he could no longer walk. More than 20 policemen beat Mu Chunhong and force-fed her two bottles of mustard oil. They covered her face with a plastic bag until she passed out. When she regained consciousness, they did it again.

On February 14th at Jilin Detention Centre, Wang Liqiu, Zhao Guoxing and Mu Chunhong began a hunger strike. The police responded by force feeding them. A policeman covered Wang Liqiu's mouth so she could hardly breathe. She threw up everything when the feeding tube was pulled out. Zhao Guoxing's front tooth was knocked out during the force-feeding. Mu Chunhong had a headache and was quite confused after being force-fed, suggesting she may have been given unknown drugs.

We hope that people from all over the world will speak out to support the unconditional release of these five practitioners.

Jilin National Security Bureau Branch Office
Political Commissar: Kong Fanhao 86-432-2409085
Jilin Detention Centre
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