Italian Practitioner's Letter to German Chancellor

Dear Sir,

We are Italian citizens and Falun Gong Practitioners.

We address you, who occupy the highest position of the state, regarding the very serious condition for practitioners of Falun Gong in China.

As you may know, Falun Gong originated in an ancient and elevated Chinese culture and directs the attention of the practitioners toward three fundamental values: Truth, Compassion, Forbearance for all living beings.
It is appreciated in China, even in governmental institutions, for its spirit and its beneficial physical effects on people. It is more than two years since Falun Gong practitioners have been under the merciless repression of the Chinese Government.

In these recent days, 5 000 practitioners in the city of Changchun were arrested and we are seriously concerned about their future, because Chinese government circles are talking about “the danger of massive suicide”, possible prelude of a “massive assassination”, considering that suicide in Falun Gong is categorically prohibited.
We cannot understand how all of this can be possible in China: Falun Gong has never been involved in politics, it is not a religious movement, nor is it proselitism and no public organization, but is merely involved in the practice of its meditative discipline and provides concepts and practices that are public, transparent, open to anyone and completely free.

Falun Gong is rapidly spreading in the western world also, because of its good nature in a world, which offers less and less good things and more and more pain and destruction.
Nevertheless, Chinese practitioners continue to disappear without trace, being tortured and women being raped, assassinated and this reality is distorted and exported by the governmental media as casualty or suicide.

Honourable Sir, we would appreciate your help and when the President of the People’s Republic of China visits your Country, ask him to put an end to this suffering and to enable these people to live and practice in peace.


(Italian Practitioner)

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