Thoughts Arise After an Explosion in China

On the evening of April 18th, "Focal Point," a program produced by China Central Television, broadcast a video report of a gas explosion that occurred in a coal mine in Baofeng County, Shanxi Province on April 16th. The explosion caused a lot of severe burn injuries. In the program there were several video clips that made me think. One point in particular was that in order to conduct a thorough investigation into the reason for the coal mine disaster, the reporters repeatedly interviewed the wounded people. It was obvious that the reporters were conscious of the danger of infection to the burn victims after severe burns so they all wore white medical coats to cover their clothes which may carry germs. The wounded were also all naked lying in beds inside the emergency hospital tent, as the wounds would become worse if not completely exposed to the open air.

When I saw this scene it reminded me of the staged "Tiananmen self-immolation." I remembered that all the wounded people's bodies were wrapped up tightly with white gauze and they were laying down very stiffly on beds, while the reporters interviewed them in their street clothes.

Regarding this, people can't help asking why the treatment was different for the same type of burn injury and the same situation with the reporters interviewing the wounded. Why did Jishuitan Hospital and the reporters not fear that the wounded people would become infected and treat the situation with such disregard for human life?

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