Police Officers Beat Mr. Sun Zhonglin to Death When He Appealed for Justice on Behalf of His Wife, Their Sons Sentenced to Forced Labour for Protesting the Injustice

On November 7th, 2004 Mr. Sun Zhonglin, husband to practitioner Ms. Wu Yuqin, went to the Qianshan Police Division looking for his wife who had been arrested. The police of the Qianshan Police Division beat him to death. Their two sons were sentenced to forced labour because they appealed for justice on behalf of their parents.

At about 1:00 a.m. on November 3rd, 2004, Zhang Chengguo, the head of the Political and Security Section of the Police Division of Qianshan District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, led a group of officers in five police cars to practitioners Ms. Jin Ying's and Ms. Wu Yuqin's homes in the residential area of Yanqianshan Iron Mine, Angang Steel Company. Officer Zhang Chengguo is responsible for the torture and murder of practitioner Fang Decheng. The policemen searched the practitioners' homes, confiscated their property and arrested them, then took them to Qianshan Police Division. On November 5th and 6th, 2004 the police went to Yanqianshan Iron Mine again and arrested three more Falun Gong practitioners.

On November 7th, 2004 Mr. Sun Zhonglin, Ms. Wu Yuqin's husband, went to Qianshan Police Division to bring a warm coat to his detained wife, but the police refused to tell him where his wife was being held. Then Mr. Sun went looking for his wife at the First and Second Detention Centres in Anshan City in vain. When Mr. Sun returned to the Qianshan Police Division he started arguing with the policemen. Prompted by officer Zhang Chengguo, several policemen started beating Mr. Sun, and eventually killed him. They left a big hole in Mr. Sun's head and numerous electrical burns all over his body.

To avoid accountability, the officers called an ambulance and had Mr. Sun's body taken to a hospital. When they found that Mr. Sun had been dead for such a long time, the doctors didn't attempt to resuscitate him and refused the officers' request to list the cause of death as suicide.

After killing Mr. Sun, Qianshan Police Division officials went to Ms. Wu Yuqin's home continuously for three days, threatening her in an attempt to force her to declare that the Qianshan Police Division should not be held responsible to her husband's death. The officers also told the family that the Qianshan Police Division would pay them 80,000 yuan1 if they waived their right to sue. They threatened Ms. Wu, "We still have unfinished business." They kept Ms. Wu and her family under surveillance and frequently threatened Ms. Wu, "If you go to appeal, we'll send you to prison."

In their grief and outrage the family appealed for justice on behalf of Mr. Sun, but the murders weren't brought to justice -- instead they themselves were thrown into jail. The police fabricated false accusations to detain Mr. Sun Yonghai and Mr. Sun Yongjiang (the eldest son and second son) and sentenced each of them to one year and nine months of forced labour.

The following is a list of the events that occurred after the killing:

1. Officers of the Qianshan Police Division destroyed the crime scene and evidence, and moved Mr. Sun's body in an attempt to create a false scene to escape responsibility.
2. Officers of the Qianshan Police Division went to funeral home and tampered with the body to cover up the truth.
3. The Procuratorate of Qianshan District, Anshan City, denied their responsibility in the matter and refused to investigate the murder.
4. One-and-a-half months later, after countless appeals from the victim's family, the Procuratorate of Qianshan District took the case, but the case wasn't handled seriously. Instead they attempted to protect the Qianshan Police Division and colluded with a medical doctor to cover up the facts.
5. The officials collude, shield the criminals and instigate murders. The officials include Secretary General Zeng Xianming of the Political and Legal Committee of Qianshan District, former Director Chen Sanjiang of the Qianshan Police Division, the Attorney Generals of Qianshan District (Xu Xiujuan, Shen Zhiqi and Li Mingjie), and other officials of the Qianshan Procuratorate and other related government institutions.
6. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee and the Government of Anshan District were afraid of another round of autopsies, so they used their authority to force Mr. Sun's body to be cremated, destroying the last remaining evidence.
7. The Political and Legal Committee and the Qianshan Police Division used threats and surveillance against Mr. Sun's family.
8. The Anshan City Police Department fabricated accusations against Mr. Sun Yonghai and Mr. Sun Yongjiang, detained them, sentenced them to one year and nine months forced labour each, and prohibited them from appealing.

All levels of CCP committees and governments of Qianshan District, Anshan City know the truth of this case, but they ignored the law and discounted citizen's lives. They shielded each other and covered up their crimes. While the murders remain free and above the law, Mr. Sun's two sons are suffering torture, and Ms. Wang has to raise her grandsons alone in her grief.

We call on all kind-hearted people and organisations willing to uphold justice to help stop these vile crimes from happening in today's China.

Contact information:

Qianshan District Police Division, Anshan City Police Department Reception Office: 86-412-2312257, 86-412-6962066
Political Section: 86-412-2312431
Administration Section: 86-412-2313423
Discipline Inspection Commission: 86-412-2312960
Criminal Police Team: 86-412-2311681
Attorney General's Office, Qianshan District Procuratorate: 86-412-2312408, 86-412-2318183, 86-412-2313345
Deputy Attorney General's Office: 86-412-2313395, 86-412-2312212


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2007/4/28/153699.html

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