Speech by Vice Chairman of CIPFG-Europe: "The CCP is Clearly Doomed"

On Friday 6th April 2007 the following speech was made during a press conference at the Chinese Embassy in London by John Dee, Vice Chairman of the European branch of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG-Europe). The press conference was part of activities to support 20 million people in Mainland China who have publicly quit the Chinese Communist Party.

Today we are here to support 20 million Chinese people who have quitt the Chinese Communist Party. They have become disillusioned with the direction the party has taken, to some degree emboldened by support from outside, and finally disgusted by the party’s brutal resort to violence in order to hold onto its power.

Over the last hundred years since its creation, the Chinese Communist party has revealed its evil and violent nature to the world. Over the decades it has been responsible for the deaths of 80 million Chinese citizens, with a dangerous cocktail of suppression of those who dare to challenge its communist ideals and outright aggression towards those who dare think for themselves.

The CCP is clearly doomed to fall apart in spectacular fashion. It cannot survive the loss of 20 million members over such a short period of time. Think of the communist establishments which have collapsed in recent years, establishments which many of us old enough to remember thought were destined to last forever: the Soviet Union fell apart, the individual states finding their independence, the rest of the old communist eastern block quickly followed suit, and of course the Berlin Wall came down to allow a united Germany.

In similar fashion the CCP is surely now reaching its breaking point. The persecution meted out to groups outside its authority, in particular Falun Gong practitioners, will gradually cause its final demise.

Meanwhile we in the CIPFG would welcome people to come forward with their own evidence of the persecution. We already have numerous documented first-hand experiences of the persecution, but we believe that in time the case against the CCP will be overwhelming. We must strive to reach the point where its evil leaders and their intricate web of subordinates can no longer withstand the weight of international pressure to end the persecution, and to allow Falun Gong practitioners and all other citizens of China to lead peaceful lives under democracy, free from all fear of persecution for their beliefs. China and Chinese people can only have future without CCP and this day is not far away.

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