Falun Gong Invited by Swedish Health Exposition Again

Swedish Practitioner

The Inner Peace and Health Exposition, was much welcomed by Swedes, and was opened in Gothenburg Sweden on March 16, 2002. Falun Gong was once again cordially invited by the organizer. It was not the first time for Falun Gong to be invited by the organizer to this kind of Health Exposition for free of charge. As early as two years ago, the organizer had realized the truth of Falun Gong through their stand. Many of them have read Falun Dafa books, and in particular, learned Falun Gong exercises one after another. They already had deep understanding about Falun Gong, the brutal persecution in China and its practitioners.

A lot of visitors came to the Exposition, and lingered in front of Falun Gong booth from time to time. Some of them were attracted by the beautiful Falun Gong music, while others were fascinated by its gentle and peaceful movements. Practitioners took every possible opportunity to clarify the truth to them. Many people even appeared unwilling to leave the Falun Gong booth.

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