Urgent Call to Rescue Practitioners Mr. Zhao Hua and Ms. Ye Hongmei from Fuxin, Liaoning Province

Urgent call to rescue practitioner Zhao Hua

Mr. Zhao Hua is being jailed in Team Three in the No. 14 District of the No. 2 Prison of Dabei Prison in Shenyang City. Currently, Mr. Zhao has been on a hunger strike for 43 days to protest this persecution. The director of the prison hospital has already issued a notice to Mr. Zhao's family that he is critically ill. It is said that he has been transferred from the prison hospital to the local hospital, and the hospital told Mr. Zhao's family to pay for high protein injections. His family did not agree to this and demanded his release. Dabei Prison has already reported Zhao Hua's situation to the Prison Administrative Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, and the Judicial Bureau.

Mr. Zhao is a very determined practitioner. After the persecution began on July 20th, 1999, he was one of the practitioners who stepped forward early to appeal for Dafa. On September 18th, 2002, he was arrested when he was going to a site producing leaflets exposing the persecution. As a result, he was sentenced to seven years. There were other fellow practitioners who were also persecuted at the same time: Zhang Jie, who was sentenced to 13 years and is currently detained at Shenyang Dabei Prison; Lu Guobin, who was sentenced to nine years and is currently imprisoned at Jinzhou Nanshan Prison; Cui Zhilin, who was sentenced to eleven years and who was persecuted to death on August 4th, 2004, at Jinzhou Nanshan Prison; and Yang Hongyan and Mi Zhongsheng died on the spot as a result of jumping to the ground from a building in an escape attempt.

Team Leader of the No. 2 Cell of the Dabei Prison:

86-24-89296497, 86-24-89296553

Urgent call to rescue practitioner Ye Hongmei

In the evening on October 25th, 2006, Ms. Ye Hongmei was arrested at her residence. She is currently being held at Xindi Detention Centre in Fuxin. It is said that the Xihe District Public Security Bureau and the Xihe District Court have decided to try her in the coming week.

Ms. Ye had been arrested earlier, in February 2006. She kept shouting, "Falun Dafa is good" on her way to Masanjia Forced Labour Camp. As a result, Masanjia did not take her, saying after her check-up that she had physical problems. She was thus released from this earlier arrest and left the camp.

The persons responsible for persecuting Ye Hongmei are Sun Jiangguo and Wang Jun from the Xihe District Public Security Bureau.

On August 1st, 2005, the Xihe Public Security Bureau worked with the Shihe Police Substation and arrested 15 Dafa practitioners. Eight of them were sentenced to forced labour. During this round of persecution, at 7:00 p.m. on August 21st, Director Meng Qingyan, who had declared that he would "win this tough task" of further persecuting practitioners, died suddenly of myocardial infarction.

Responsible personnel and agencies in the Xihe District and the relevant police substations that were involved in persecuting Ms. Ye Hongmei include:

Sun Jiangguo, the Deputy Chief of the Xihe Public Security Bureau:

86-418-2814745(Office) 86-418-3328916(Home) 86-13904187170(Mobile)

Liu Yuebin, Secretary General of the Xihe District Committee: 86-418-3966001(Office), 86-418-2823682(Home), 86-418-3966000 (Fax), 86-13941819999(Mobile)

Xihe District Court:
The Chief's Office: 86-418-3966065
Deputy Chief's Office: 86-418-3966067, 86-418-3966068
Xihe Public Security Bureau Chief's Office: 86-418-2816055
Political Commissioner's Office: 86-418-2816615
Deputy Chief's Office: 86-418-2907055, 86-418-2814745, 86-418-2814746

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