Witnessing the Suffering in Masanjia Labour Camp

Eyewitness Account of the Den of Evil that is Masanjia Labour camp

A Dafa Practitioner from Liaoning Province

I am a Falun Gong [also known as Falun Dafa] practitioner from China. On May 25th, 2001, I was arrested and detained in Masanjia Labour Camp because I was steadfast in my belief of Falun Dafa. Below is what I heard and witnessed while I was in Masanjia Labour Camp. [Masanjia labour camp is notorious among Falun Gong practitioners, as being one of the worst labour camps, causing unimaginable suffering, specialising in experimenting with different forms of torture to try to force practitioners to give up their practice. It is often referred to as a living hell.]

In order to succumb to the Jiang Zemin regime, Liaoning Province's Masanjia Labour Camp used all sorts of cruel means to torture Falun Gong practitioners. Most of the wardens are men. If the Falun Gong practitioners practised the exercises, they were beaten and torture with electronic batons and clubs with sharp devices.

The vicious wardens placed pictures of Falun Gong Founder, Master Li in all public hallways and entrances for people to step on. The wardens and female Superintendent Su Jing observed and recorded people's reactions.

Soliciting others to torture people
In Masanjia Labour Camp, there's a Dafa practitioner who needs to be carried to the dining area for her meal every day. She is from Jinzhou. When she first arrived at Masanjia, she was very young, pretty, and healthy. Just because she refused to give up her Dafa cultivation, the warden encouraged Fu Wei, a man from Shenyang, to force her into the shower room. He forced her to sit on the tile floor at the corner of the shower room and spread her legs in the position called "airplane" (a form of torture). Fu Wei then sat straddling her head while putting his legs on her shoulders. He forced her to support his body weight. He beat her when she could not endure any longer. Fu Wei broke her neck bones from such torturing. She has been paralyzed for a long time. Because of this she needs to be carried from place to place.

Humanity lost
When Feng Guixiang from Benxi in Liaoning Province was arrested and detained in Masanjia Labour Camp, her mother became so concerned that she became ill. She knew her daughter was being persecuted and she could not stop worrying; therefore, she became sicker. The family members went to Masanjia to request that Feng Guixiang be permitted to visit her mother at home. The heartless Superintendent said: "If the person is not dead, we won't allow her to visit home." As a result, the mother passed away. After the funeral, the vicious police were not willing to let her go home.

There are three siblings (an elder sister and two younger brothers); they went to visit their mother, while she was detained, six times. Every time, the police told them, "We will not let you see your mother unless she is reformed [to renounce her belief as a result of being brainwashed and tortured]." When their mother heard about this, she went to the Head Warden and said: "My children came six times already and yet you won't let them see me. You guys are too cruel! Don't you have children, too? I was illegally detained here for being a good person. Why am I being treated worse than a murderer? Even a murderer is allowed to see his family members!"

There was a practitioner from Anshan. She was on a hunger strike for quite a long time before she came to Masanjia. After she was transferred to Masanjia, she was forced to give up Dafa cultivation. They detained her in the >water dungeon and forbade her to sleep. She continued the hunger strike for another half of a month. The vicious wardens did not ask her family to take her home until she was on the brink of death. They had to carry her out in a stretcher.

Dafa practitioners resisting the persecution in the vicious environment
June 2001, a person from a certain religious association in Liaoning Province came to lecture in Masanjia. Not long after the lecture started, an elderly woman in her 60's raised her hand and said loudly: "Falun Dafa is Good"! Afterward, all of the true cultivators of Falun Dafa stood up and said: "We don't want to hear you lecture!" The lecturer said reluctantly: "If you don't want to hear it, then I will leave." At this moment, all of the collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have given up their belief under extreme pressure from being brainwashed and tortured and now persecute other Dafa practitioners.] rushed over. Some tried to cover the mouth of the elderly woman, some pulled her and others pushed her. They dragged her out and locked her up in a tiny solitary cell. This elderly woman was released from such torture a month later. When we saw her at a cafeteria, she looked very pale and she barely had any hair left.

In mid August, Masanjia showed videos slandering Dafa every morning. In minutes, we heard the same elderly woman yelling from the other end of the hallway: "Falun Dafa is definitely good! It's the righteous way! I forbid you from damaging it"! Then it became quiet. Immediately afterward, we saw the collaborators dragging the elderly woman away in haste. That was the last time we saw her in Masanjia.

We had to participate in the so called "discussion or condemnation" after we finished watching the videos. One collaborator, Wang Xiaoyan attempted to force Liu Chunying to criticize Dafa. Liu Chunying stood up and said: "The Universal Law is the most righteous. I forbid you to condemn Dafa." Wang Xiaoyan immediately reported her words to the Head Warden. The Head Warden took Liu Chunying away for the whole afternoon. Liu Chunying started a hunger strike on that day. On the fifth day of the hunger strike, the Head Warden told Liu Chunying to pack up. A month later, we saw Liu Chunying in the cafeteria. She was transferred to another team. No one knows what they had done to her.

Vicious policeman found and confiscated Master Li's articles from Wang Xueli of Tieling Province. She asked for the return of the articles a few times but the vicious policeman would not return them to her. In addition, they extended her jail term by three months. Ever since that day, Wang Xueli practised the Dafa exercises every day. At the end, the policeman locked her up in the solitary cell. It had been six months and nobody had seen Wang Xueli.

On October 2001, Liaoning Provincial Television Station sent people to videotape the cafeteria in Section 2 of Masanjia Labour Camp. Su Jing ordered egg-fried rice to feed the practitioners for the filming on that day. When they were about to film, the true cultivators said loudly: "Don't film! Just leave. What we eat every day are leftovers used to feed pigs and dogs. Just look at our faces!" The crew from the television station immediately packed everything and left without saying a word.

Above is just a small portion of what I witnessed at the Masanjia labour camp. We are calling upon human rights organizations around the world to pay close attention to this situation.


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