France: Mainstream Media Support Chinese New Year Spectacular in Paris

Since December 2006, the five major media in France have been advertising the upcoming Chinese New Year Spectacular in Paris on February 24th 2007. Some held prize draws to give lucky readers tickets to the show.

In January this year, the national TV station set up a special web page about the Chinese New Year Spectacular and published pictures, video, introduction to artists and Tang Dynasty costumes. The web page also links directly to NTDTV website.

A prize draw for twenty tickets to the show was held in December last year on the TV station's website. It was a great success. 5,550 people registered for the draw. A representative of the TV station said the number has surpassed any number of participants for similar activities in the past.

National Radio Station Runs Two Weeks of Commercial for the Chinese New Year Spectacular

The forth largest radio station, France Bleu, has forty sub-stations around the nation. France Bleu ran commercials for NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular for a week last year. It plans to run commercials for another week before the show.

France Bleu interviewed two representatives of NTDTV. During the thirty-minute interview, they introduced the uniqueness of NTDTV as an independent Chinese language TV station aiming to revive the traditional Chinese culture. It holds an annual Chinese New Year Gala in many cities around the world and provides great cultural programmes to a large audience around the world. The two representatives pointed out that NTDTV was the first media that reported the SARS outbreak in China and persisted on reporting human rights violations and the sabotage of traditional Chinese culture by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In addition, it offers high quality analysis of China's economy.

Largest Magazine in France Introduces the Chinese New Year Spectacular

Femme Actuelle is the largest magazine in France. One million copies of the magazine are distributed every week. A two-page-long report about the Chinese New Year Spectacular was published recently in this magazine.

The report introduced the beauty of the Chinese culture, the dazzling costumes and the legendary fight between the good and the evil staged by the Chinese New Year Spectacular as well as the top level artists and band. It quoted the director of the band Mr. Chen Rutang who said his mission was to revive the spirit of the five-thousand-year-old Chinese culture destroyed by the CCP. The report said the audience would feel their energy recharged after watching the show.

After viewing the NTDTV website, the reporter and his boss were excited by the glory of the Spectacular. They planned to hold a prize draw for show tickets. Several representatives of the magazine said they would buy tickets to the show after reading the report.

Popular Women's Magazine Holds Drawing of Tickets to Promote the New Year Spectacular

Vivre au Feminin is a popular women's magazine with a monthly circulation of 182,000. The editor was very happy to hear about the Chinese New Year Spectacular and planned to hold a prize draw of tickets to the show. She also wrote an introduction of more than one page on her magazine.

Paris Local Radio Station Aired Free Commercial for the New Year Spectacular

Judaiques FM is a local radio station of the Jewish community. It started advertising the New Year Spectacular for free in January.

The radio station also scheduled three interviews to introduce the show. The first one was an in-depth report. It pointed out that NTDTV was an independent news source for all Chinese around the world, while all media in China were under the control of the CCP. The host also played two songs about Falun Gong during the interview.

Judaiques FM interviewed a representative of NTDTV again during the Chinese New Year and asked him to introduce the tradition of the Chinese New Year and the Chinese New Year Spectacular. Judaiques FM has scheduled another interview two days before the New Year Spectacular.

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