Malaysia: Practitioners have been Protesting the Persecution in Front of the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta for over a Year

Practitioners protest the persecution of Falun Gong in front of the Chinese Embassy and send forth righteous thoughts every night. It has been over a year since the daily protest began in December 2005. In the last year, practitioners have overcome a lot of difficulties and created a good cultivation environment.

Sending righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy

At the beginning, the officers in the Chinese Embassy often called the police and asked them to interfere with practitioners. Practitioners patiently clarified the truth to the police and explained the reasons that they were there. Practitioners also took every chance to clarify the truth to the police officers. More and more police learned the truth, and they have stopped interfering with the practitioners.

At the beginning, due to pressure from the Chinese Embassy, police had to come and ask practitioners to leave. At the time, the police were not very nice to the practitioners because they thought they were trouble-makers. Nowadays, police are used to the situation. They sometimes call the practitioners and ask who would be there today, or ask: "How come we haven't seen you for a while."

At the beginning, the police didn’t allow practitioners to hang up banners and display truth-clarifying boards. But now, the practitioners are free to hang up banners. Sometimes, drivers passing by call out greetings to the practitioners.

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