Examples of Persecution in Fushun City Wujiaobaozi Education Centre

Shi Jinling, a female Falun Dafa practitioner, was illegally detained in the Wujiaobaozi Education Centre, Liaoning province. Because of Jinling' persistence and determination to continue the practice, team leader Wu Wei and a few "educators" punched and kicked her, and then threatened her to not tell anyone about it. Afterwards, they persecuted her even more harshly. One morning, Jinling got up from her bed and started to practice the exercise, the guard Sun Fengjuan dragged her to the office, and did not allow her to go back to the cell for a few days. At that time, Jinling was holding a hunger strike and she was handcuffed everyday. It is not hard to imagine the kind of suffering that she had to go through, especially when she was being jailed in a separate room, not allowed to sleep and or be in contact with anybody. Then one night, in the middle of one night, Dafa [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] practitioners were woken up by a series of screams. It was Jinling' voice coming from the toilet, she called out: "You cannot treat me like this. I' menstruating; you can' not give me any toilet paper to use." The screams were discontinued at times, as if her mouth were being covered up. It was very tragic. We were bitterly disappointed upon hearing her screaming and we wanted to get to her, but the cell doors were locked. After a short while, a male guard went to the toilet (perhaps because he heard the screams), yet he did not offer any help, but used more amoral means to torture Jinling. They turned off the lights in the corridor to prevent the surveillance camera from filming the scene. We do not know exactly what they did to Jinling, but we knew from the sounds that they probably dragged her out. In order to stop the persecution, about 30 female Dafa practitioners started a hunger strike in the centre.

Chai Yan, a 32-year-old local female resident, is now being illegally detained in the Wujiaobaozi Education Centre. When she first arrived here, Chai Yan was a bit late for a roll call. The guard thought that she was disobeying the rules; therefore they called Chai Yan into a room. There were four female guards, including Yao Xin and Liu Shengge. They punched and kicked Chai Yan, and then they electrically shocked the inner parts of Chai Yan' legs until her legs showed red spots and purple bruising caused by the beating.

Yao Yanhui, a 30 year old man, is also now being illegally detained in the Wujiaobaozi Education Centre. Due to his persistence in practice, he was brought to a brainwashing class. They forcefully tied his legs onto a chair, with his arms held upwards, and his body facing downwards in a "flying" position. Because he was tied up for a long time, he lost all feeling in his legs. Although he can walk now, he can only walk very slowly. Yao is still jailed in the Wujiaobaozi Education Centre today.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/3/22/20116.html

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