Mr. Chen Jun Learned Falun Gong in Prison and Was Beaten to Death at the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai City

Mr. Chen Jun, from Hunan Province, was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. He was beaten to death by the Tilanqiao Prison staff in Shanghai City because he started practising Falun Gong while he was serving his sentence.

When Chen Jun was serving his sentence at the Tilanqiao Prison, he was transferred to a team where all the Dafa practitioners were held. In August 2004, Chen Jun was chosen to monitor practitioner Du Ting. Chen Jun had always been quite friendly to practitioners and always respected them. Through his further contact with practitioners and after he read Teacher Li's new articles, he started to practise Falun Dafa.

The police at the Tilanqiao Prison flew into a rage from shame after discovering that Chen Jun started practising Falun Dafa. On January 18th, 2006, they placed him in the confinement room of the No. 1 Team in the No. 2 Division, and started malicious physical torture and daily beatings. According to a witness, Chen Jun was punished with the "leather belt handcuff" [His hands were handcuffed at his waist, upper body kept straight, with hands and arms not allowed to move. The mouth was sealed with rubberised tape and he was beaten continuously]. It was also said that they transferred criminal inmates Cai and Qiu from the notorious Youth Experiment Team to beat Chen Jun in the confinement room.

After one week of continuous physical torture, Chen Jun's life was in danger. He was sent to the Shanghai Prison General Hospital. Not long after that, the prison sent Chen Jun, who was on his last breath, back to his old home in Hunan. A person who knew Mr. Chen said that Chen Jun passed away about a month after he arrived home.

The Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai City, the so-called "civilized prison," by deceiving the international community, brutally persecutes practitioners. Dafa practitioner Du Ting is still being subjected to the physical torture of forced-feeding, and his body is extremely weak. Practitioner Chao Hongru (a senior engineer) was once tortured until his body was misshapen. Practitioner Zhou Bin suffered impaired hearing and eyesight due to physical torture and his body was covered with wounds. We hope that more of the world's people will pay attention and help rescue Dafa practitioners in Shanghai Tilanqian Prison and many other prisons and labour camps in China.

Shanghai Prison Management Bureau
Director: Qiao Yesheng; Deputy director: Tai Xun; Party secretary: Zhang Ling
Address: 147 Changyang Road, Shanghai, China; Tel: 86-21-35104888

Chief of the Tilanqiao Prison: Qiao Liguo
Address: 147 Changyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China; Zip Code: 200082
Tel: 86-21-35104888, extension 6601
The Eighth Division of the Tilanqiao Prison: 86-21-35104888, extension 6601
Shanghai Prison General Hospital (Tilanqiao Prison Hospital):
Address: 147 Changyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China; Zip Code: 200082
Tel: 86-21-65375446, 86-21-65419233, extension 6000
Hospital director: Wei Wei
Deputy director: Fu Jianxin

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