Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners in the Wujiabaozi Forced Labour Camp

[Fushun City, Liaoning Province]

Mr. Zhu Huibao, 57-years-old, was a worker from the Electricity Maintenance Factory. In September 2001, because he refused to give up Falun Gong practice, he was unconstitutionally detained in the Wujiabaozi Forced Labour Camp. After he was sent in, guards in the labour camp made an attempt to force him to be brainwashed. Because Mr. Zhu did not compromise, guard Jiang Yongfeng' true, villainous character was revealed. He began beating and cursing Mr. Zhu. Eventually Mr. Zhu had a heart attack. He chest felt constricted and he couldn' breathe. But the guards didn' care at all and didn' ask about or show concern for his health. Another time, thugs Jiang Yongfeng, Wu Wei and several others dragged Mr. Zhu into a small room, which was especially used for torturing Dafa practitioners. They pushed Mr. Zhu on the ground and beat and kicked him. Jiang Yongfeng stepped on Mr. Zhu' neck, which choked Mr. Zhu. With their hard leather uniform boots they kicked Mr. Zhu' head, chest and his ribs for over 40 minutes.

Mr. Zhu suffered a skull fracture and sustained a hole in his head from the beating and a large amount of blood ran down and soaked the ground. His clothes became blood soaked as well. When this happened, the thugs stopped beating him and stuffed the hole in Mr. Zhu' head with a roll of tissue paper. Jiang Yongfeng brought several collaborators [former practitioners who had been turned against Falun Gong through brainwashing and torture] and said to Zhu, "You had better tell them that you hurt your head from banging it into the wall and not from my beating you."

Mr. Wang Zhongyuan, 29-years-old, an employee at Fushun City' Steel Factory holds a bachelor' degree. In March 2001 he was sent into the Wujiabaozi Forced Labour Camp. Jiang Yongfeng and Wu Wei dragged him into a small room and tortured him for more than three hours. At first, the thugs shocked Mr. Wang Zhongyuan' face, neck, chest and the inside of his thighs with two electric batons at the same time. They recharged the dead batteries of the batons and took turns beating him when one of them got tired. They beat and kicked him and stomped on Mr. Wang' neck to choke him. Then they asked him whether he was still going to practice Falun Dafa. If his answer was yes, they would continue to torture him. Almost four hours later, Mr. Wang Zhongyuan was dragged out. His face was pale and his clothes were dishevelled. He couldn' walk and was in tremendous pain. It was too miserable to see.


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