The Horror and Darkness of Shisantou Labour Camp

Jiangsu Province

Shisantou Labour Camp gives testimony to Dafa [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] practitioners' ability to withstand tribulations

1. The wicked acts behind the "Chain System"

Police officers use criminals, such as prostitutes and drug addicts, to watch Falun Gong practitioners under the so-called "Chain System," which one police officer describes as being "connected anywhere and anytime." Practitioners are under constant supervision at all times while in the forced labour camp. In addition to losing their freedom by being placed into the forced labour camp, the practitioners lose what is left of their most basic freedom and rights under this system.

Some drug addicts with deviated mentalities brutally attack innocent Dafa practitioners and act like a despicable gang at the urging of police officers in the "Chain System." In order to force practitioners to renounce their beliefs, the criminals have used steel needles and thin wooden sticks to stab practitioners in the chest and lower extremities. They pull at the practitioners' hair, twist the sensitive parts of their bodies, and strike the palms of their hands. A drug addict named Xie once used an extremely base method to torture several Dafa practitioners, causing serious consequences and drawing indignation from the other prisoners. In order to cover up the crimes in the forced labour camp, guard Jiang set up Xie to take full responsibility, so that the forced labour camp would not be accountable. As a result, Xie' term was extended by 6 months. Afterwards Jiang comforted her, "After this thing becomes quiet, we' arrange to have your term reduced."

2. The darkness and horror

In order to force practitioners to write "pledges" renouncing Falun Gong, or to copy and memorize the "rules and principles of the team," guards with police badges on their hats wave police batons, utilize violence, and do inhuman things to practitioners. Officer Zhao taught others how to use electric batons, and practitioner Ling from Nanjing lost consciousness after being shocked for long periods of time. Dafa practitioner Wang from Nantong was dragged into an empty room and shocked for about 3 hours, causing his entire body to turn black and blue. Changzhou Dafa practitioner Lu was shocked for so long that his left foot was unable to bear any weight, a big blood blister formed on his forehead, and he lost consciousness.

Insiders know that in the No. 4 group women' section, when police officers start torturing Dafa practitioners, they play music at high volumes to cover up the sounds of their vicious deeds. It' an "open secret" there. However, sometimes the cries of misery are so bone chilling, even the loud music can' cover them.

In order to force practitioners to copy the "public notice" renouncing Dafa, officer Zhang makes Dafa practitioners squat on the floor day and night. One practitioner with the surname Hong and another practitioner with the surname Qin were forced to stand for over 10 days and nights. Team Leader Li forced a practitioner with the surname Chen to hold a standing position for 4 days and 5 nights without any sleep, instigated criminals to beat Chen violently at will, and didn' allow Chen to wash his face or brush his teeth. In the end, Li used the "fish soup" (a torture of pouring water onto one' body and then shocking them with electric batons) method to torture him. Chen was badly injured -- he had painful bumps on his head and patches of black and blue all over his body.

Last September, in order to force practitioners to write so-called "assignments," the No. 3 team in the women' section didn' allow Dafa practitioners to sleep and ordered "Chain System" members to monitor the practitioners, hoping to break their will. The Dafa practitioners solemnly went on hunger strike one after another, and in the end they were allowed to sleep from midnight until 4:30 in the morning. This situation lasted for two weeks, and the "punishment" didn' stop until National Day, October 1.

3. Disgraceful police officers

Officer Zhao from the No. 3 team in the women' section always curses, slanders, and gives vent to personal spite at work. When officers Xu, Jiang, and Zhang are on duty, they are served snacks by drug addicts and prostitutes. They have prisoners waiting on them even while they are taking showers. One time, when Xu finished eating some snacks, she put her feet on the table and left sunflower seed shells and candy wrappers all over the place. She started shouting, "Get a criminal to come in to clean up for me, and get a cup of water for me too!" She didn' want to move even a little bit. Regulations are there in name only, and those police officers have tarnished and dishonoured the reputation of the police with their actions.

The first rule in the "Twelve Prohibitions of Carrying Out Laws and Principles" published by the Jiangsu Province Labour Camp Bureau clearly states, "Police officers are forbidden to beat, swear at, or use corporal punishment on inmates." However, the majority of police officers disregard the laws and principles. They beat and torture illegally detained Dafa practitioners in a vicious way.


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