Practitioner Mr. Liu Yi Still Detained in Cangzhou City No. 2 Detention Centre - His Family Members Also Persecuted

Practitioner Mr. Liu Yi from Cangzhou, Hebei Province, was arrested on April 1st, 2006, by Zhang Guofu, head of the Xinhua District Police Branch National Security Division. The police confiscated Mr. Liu's bank cards that had a large amount of his savings, many personal belongings, and his car. Liu Yi's family members spent a great deal of money on gifts and restaurant meals for corrupt officials and finally got back some of their belongings. However, Mr. Liu is still detained in the No. 2 Detention Centre. Police at the detention centre kept telling lies to deceive his family and reject their requests to see him.

Liu Yi's wife has been trying hard to get him released and has no time to take care of their shop, so business is suffering. His elderly parents worry about him very much. They often cry and can't eat or sleep well, which has damaged their health. His brother and sister are also unable to work and live as usual because they are so concerned for his safety. The whole family is pained.

Because the detention centre refused to let Liu Yi's family members visit him, his parents and other family members remain very worried and concerned. Mr. Liu started hunger strikes several times in jail. After failing to get any news about Liu Yi in spite of all their efforts, Liu Yi's parents went with their daughter and other son to make an appeal for their son's release. On August 14th they went to the municipal police department and the anti-corruption bureau to appeal for their son and to attest to the innocence of their son. However, on the spot, Zhang Guofu led several police to arrest Liu Yi's brother and sister. Liu Yi's younger sister was dragged to a police car and slapped on her face several times. Seeing her son and daughter being taken away, the mother immediately collapsed on the ground and could hardly breath. She wept and said she didn't want to live any longer.

Without any legal procedures, Liu Yi's brother and sister were detained for eleven days in the No. 1 Detention Centre and No. 2 Detention Centre respectively. Although they were released eventually with much effort, Mr. Liu Yi still hasn't been given his freedom.

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