Stories from Ancient China: The Dangers of Believing Without Rationalisation

When Zeng Shen's mother was weaving at home, a person suddenly approached her and said, "Good heaven! Zeng Shen killed someone!"

Zeng's mother was very surprised. She thought that her son was a very kind person and thought it impossible that Zeng Shen would kill someone. So she immediately said, "Impossible. Zeng would not kill anyone."

After a while, another person came and said, "My God! Zeng Shen killed someone!"

Zeng's mother still said, "Impossible. Zeng Shen wouldn't kill anyone." However, two more people came and said the same thing. She started questioning her judgement. She still trusted that Zeng Shen wouldn't kill anybody. However, she couldn't continue weaving any more and started to anxiously anticipate Zeng Shen's arrival.

After a while, another person came. This time, it was their neighbour. She couldn't hold her breath and said, "Good grief! Zeng Shen killed someone. He has been arrested. It is said that he's being interrogated now. Quick! Let's think about what to do!"

Zeng's mother now believed that her son killed someone and so she cried. Due to the family punishment regulation, when a family member violated the law, the entire family would be penalised. Everyone advised Zeng's mother to flee quickly to avoid being arrested as well. However, if she ran away, who would take care of the house?

Just when everyone was vigorously discussing what to do, Zeng Shen returned home. Everyone was surprised. They asked Zeng, "Weren't you arrested because you killed someone? How have you manged to come here? Was it because you killed a bad guy so you didn't have to pay your life for it?"

Zeng Shen laughed and said, "How could I kill anyone? I wouldn't be able to come home so soon if I had killed one. The murderer happened to have the same name as mine."

When lies are repeated three times, people think they are true. Sometimes when lies are repeated thousands of times, they may even become the truth. This is what ancient Chinese people call "all people saying the same thing can melt gold. The damage can build to the point of dissolving bones." When the evil Chinese Communist Party persecutes Falun Gong, it uses this tactic. It kept slandering Falun Gong day after day and infusing its hate propaganda into the Chinese people. It demonises those Falun Gong practitioners who cultivate kindness and aim at spreading the Great Buddha Law to achieve its goal of harming sentient beings.

The ancient Chinese people emphasised careful remarks and behaviour. As for everything we say, we should consider whether it is a fact. We cannot make random remarks and pass erring comments casually. Otherwise we will only harm ourselves in the end.

To know the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong, one should not listen to the Chinese communist party propaganda. Find a copy of Zhuan Falun yourself and read it for yourself. In this way you will come to see the truth about Falun Gong.

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