Hungary: People Call for an End to the Persecution Against Falun Gong

On November 1st 2006, Hungarian practitioners gathered at Blaha Lujza Square in Budapest to let the Hungarian people know about the Falun Dafa practitioners being persecuted in China.

They displayed posters, handed out flyers, collected petition signatures and talked to passerbys about the human rights crimes against Falun Gong committed against Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Many people stopped and carefully listened or read the posters.

People read the posters and sign the petition to call for an end to the human rights abuses against Falun Gong

There were images displayed of various torture methods used on practitioners in Chinese prisons and labour camps, and information about the Kilgour-Matas report on the organ harvesting practices used on practitioners.

Many people were shocked by the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party’s 7-year persecution against Falun Gong and its guiding principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.

One woman said, “This persecution is evil! I just can’t comprehend how someone could be so cruel. When I cut my finger I know it hurts, but how can these police officers [who persecute Dafa] live with themselves?”

Some people seemed to go into a trance when reading information excerpts from the Kilgour-Matas report.

Pointing to the posters, a man said: “I can’t believe this is still happening in the 21st century!”

Another man said the real problem was not with Falun Dafa, it was with the Communist Party, giving reference to similar forms of terror the Hungarians endured back in the Soviet Socialist regime.

A young man told practitioners the persecution is a big human rights crisis and deserved more urgent action than the current conflict in the Middle East or tensions between civilians and the Hungarian Socialist-led Government.

A follower of the Christian faith told practitioners that he had found an ancient prophecy that predicted the coming of the persecution. He told practitioners not to worry, because together they will defeat Satan.

Later into the day it began to rain and the temperature dropped. Practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts and the weather held out. People kept coming and reading the posters, despite the cold.

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