Gruelling Hardships on Escaping From Detention Centre

Gruelling Hardships on Escaping From Detention Centre

By a Practitioner in China

Up until February 9, 2002, I had been detained for more than 2 months. During my stay in that detention centre, I was locked up in a small cell without any heat. The guards only provided me with 2 or 3 loaves of bread as well as some cold water per day. I was not allowed to go to the restroom, to brush my teeth, to take a shower or to change my clothes. Because I firmly stuck to my belief in Falun Dafa cultivation practice, I was tortured.

February 9th was a snowy, chilly day. On this morning, the guards led cellmates around, ordering them to shovel the snow. I found that the iron door of my cell was unlocked. So I opened the door and walked out of this vicious detention centre. When officers and guards found that I had escaped, they set up blockades on the key roads in an attempt to capture me. During the entire next day and night, I walked through mountains and icy rivers, eating frozen bread and drinking icy water as my nourishment. Since there was deep snow on the road and my health had deteriorated due to the various tortures imposed on me at that detention centre, I moved very slowly. Many times I was thrown down to the ground by gusting winds. Later, one of my legs could not even bend, so I had to walk with the support of a wooden baton. For the few times when I felt I was unable to walk, I lay down on the snowy ground to take a rest. At those moments, I even thought about dying in this way. But recalling that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner […] I stood up again each time and continued my trip that was full of hardship and danger. I walked in this way for a day and a night, until I was found and saved by some kind-hearted people. It was at this moment that I discovered both of my heels had turned black and were badly swollen due to frostbite.

Upon my return, as I transferred buses at different bus stations, travelling through different counties or cities, I noticed police officers along the roads, checking everywhere for me. […] I safely passed ticket checks and boarded on buses each time. I also found that there were some policemen searching around even on the bus. [...]
After a few days of studying the books of Falun Gong, practicing Falun Gong exercises […], in addition to receiving help and support from my kind fellow practitioners, my bruised feet recovered very quickly. Now, the swelling on my feet has diminished and I am able to walk without any support.

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