Even the Doctors Called It a Miracle

A small boy from Guan County in Shandong Province was struck with leukaemia when he was very young. His condition meant that he had to quit school after attending for two or three years and his condition made him look terribly bloated. In the spring of 2003 when he was taking a shower, the boy slipped and his head hit the floor. His head bled, and the bleeding could not be stopped. It just bled continuously.

The boy's father was scared and rushed him to the hospital. When doctors realised the seriousness of the situation they started emergency treatment and told the father to inform those at home to bring money for a blood transfusion. The boy's mother was frightened. She knew bleeding was the biggest enemy in her child's disease--it could threaten the boy's life.

The child's mother had practised Falun Gong before July 1999, when she had stopped out of fear when the Communist Party began to illegally persecute the practice. She knew, however, that Falun Dafa is a genuine practise in which anything is possible. She knew that in this crisis only the founder of the practice Master Li could save the boy. She quickly found a practitioner and asked him to go to the hospital to look at her child.

The child was still in the emergency room when the practitioner arrived at the hospital. Several thousand yuan had already been spent. The doctors had tried all the skills at their disposal, but they still could not stop the bleeding. The doctors said that they had done their best and did not know what else they could do.

The practitioner walked to the bed and said to the child, "Son, do not feel afraid. Just recite 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Zhen-Shan-Ren is good', then you should be all right. Do not stop and recite them continuously." The boy mumbled to show his willingness to cooperate.

This practitioner just sat in front of the bed and repeatedly recited "Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good," and asked Master to save the child. After a while the bleeding slowed down and then it stopped completely. The boy's father became very excited saying, "Miracle, it's a miracle! Falun Dafa is really powerful! This time I saw it before my own eyes!" All the family members were surprised. The doctors came in after hearing about the new development. They checked the boy and saw that the bleeding really had stopped. They could not believe their eyes and exclaimed, "It's a Miracle! It is really a miracle!"

The boy was discharged the next day. His father told everyone he saw, "Falun Dafa is definitely good! Now I am asking my boy and his mother to practice it first, and I shall join them later."

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