China's Masanjia Forced Labour Camp Hides the Truth to Deceive International Human Rights Investigators

An international human rights organisation went to the Masanjia Labour Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province to investigate in 2001. Shortly before the investigation team arrived, around 100 detained Falun Dafa practitioners were secretly transferred to the Juvenile Camp. Later it became known that the administration was avoiding the investigation by hiding these victims.

There were many detained Falun Dafa practitioners, who were divided up and sent to several wards and further divided into several groups. For example, the second ward contained four groups, and each group had 100-150 detained prisoners. Other than Falun Dafa practitioners, most were prisoners suffering from drug addiction .

The Falun Gong practitioners that the investigation group saw were all "transformed" and had given up their belief. They looked young, healthy and well treated. Those that never accepted the brainwashing were each monitored by two prisoners. The old, the infirmed, the those who refused to accept the brainwashing were all hidden from the investigation team in the Juvenile Camp. What the human rights organisation group saw was not the true situation.

Because they feared that the group would secretly investigate later, the guards were telling Falun Dafa practitioners, including those that were sent back from the Juvenile Camp, that if the journalists asked what their salaries were, just to tell them that they volunteered to use their salaries to improve their daily life in the camp. Practitioners were all puzzled, because the government said that they were using four billion yuan to brainwash Falun Dafa practitioners, and was the so-called "salary" a possible question?

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