The Lives of Seven Falun Dafa Practitioners are in a Critical Condition in Changlinzi Forced Labour Camp

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province]

Some Dafa [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] practitioners being held at the Changlinzi Forced Labour Camp have been staging a hunger strike to protest the illegal sentence and persecution. At present, seven practitioners' lives are in danger. They were sent to Harbin City's No.2 Hospital for emergency treatment. The seven practitioners are: Chang Hong, Zhang Yisheng, Wang Fengnan, Yu Naiping, Li Xin and two other practitioners whose names are unknown. Among them, Wang Fengnan has been on hunger strike for over 50 days. They have all manifested the symptoms of heart failure, liver, stomach, lung, and kidney ailments and damage to some other organs to various extents. Besides, these practitioners all have suffered from scabies for several months and their bodies are covered with sores all over.

When the family members of these practitioners were informed to go to the hospital, they saw that the practitioners had bloody faces. An inquiry revealed the cause to be being brutally force-fed at the hands of guards. When the family members asked the labour camp team leader for an answer, the team leader said, "It would be counted as suicide if they die of the hunger strike. They would die in vain. There is an order from above, so we will not be responsible for this."

The practitioners held at Changlinzi Labour Camp are all determined in their belief of Dafa. They are being persecuted only because they refused to give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." During the illegal detention period, most of the practitioners suffered from scabies. The scabies on some practitioners were so serious that these areas became putrefied. It was very painful for them to sit up or lie down. They can't fall asleep for the whole night. Some of them couldn't even take care of themselves and had to rely on others to dress them and feed them. Even though, the guards in the labour camp still insisted on detaining them. They attempted to destroy the practitioners' wills and forced practitioners to give up cultivation. They even prohibited family members to visit the practitioners. Dafa practitioners have suffered tortures, both physically and mentally. It was under this severe situation that Dafa practitioners protested with the cost of their lives against the illegal detention and persecution and strived for the freedom of belief and life, of which they had been unlawfully deprived.

Telephone number of Harbin City's Judicatory Bureau:

Office: 011- 86-451-4649115;

Administrative section of forced labour camp: 011- 86-451-4617019.


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