Germany: Three Day “Cultural Carnival” in Hamburg

This was the fourth Cultural Carnival in Hamburg and the fourth time Falun Gong practitioners from throughout Germany took part. Our information booth was located in the so-called “Bazaar of the Sins". We also took part in the culture parade.

A fellow practitioner and I were responsible for the booth and the folding of paper Lotus flowers. On Friday, while busy setting up, a young man approached one of the practitioners and told her that we were not welcome because we were engaged in anti-communist propaganda. After making some inquiries, we found out that he was the only one who did not want our booth at that location. One practitioner wished him a good day and we let nothing further disturb us while setting up the booth. Actually, this was the only negative remark during the three days we were there.

After we had set up the booth and had put up our decorations, some practitioners began to demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises. Many visitors became curious and stopped to watch the practitioners sitting upright in the double lotus position, meditating despite all the noise and loud music. Many came into our pavilion where we displayed a photo exhibition entitled “The Path of Falun Dafa.” They admired the beauty of Falun Dafa and could not believe, after looking at the pictures of the persecution, how something as beautiful as this could be persecuted. They just could not understand the brutality committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against their own countrymen.

Practising the Falun Gong exercises

We also set up a pavilion for teaching people how to fold paper lotus flowers. This pavilion was filled with children andtheir parents from morning until it turned dark in the evening. In retrospect, we should have set up another table so we could teach more people.

When I was telling the truth about the persecution to two young women, an elderly lady sat next to us quietly folding a paper flower. I thought it rather sad that she appeared so unmoved by the fact of the persecution, and to tell the truth, I was slightly disappointed. Then, she suddenly said, “Do you know that this suppression in China is so cruel that even when one is there as a tourist, one is told lies. Our tour guide was so deeply afraid that he only hissed through his teeth that he would tell us something later, as soon as we were alone.

He told us later that all the cultural tourist attractions are only for show, as most everything was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. However if any of his co-workers would realise that he spoke about the corruption of the party and the crimes committed during the Cultural Revolution he not only would lose his job, but would also most likely land in prison and possibly lose his life in the long run. He begged us not to ask any more question about how terrible it is, as everyone is afraid for his/her life.”

The lady accepted gladly the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” (an editorial published by The Epoch Times newspaper) and gave her address to a practitioner in the hope that she would send her the China-Special Issue published during the CHINATIME events in Hamburg.

Another lady from Croatia was so happy to find among all the loud goings-on a place where she could find some peace and quiet. She also told me that she was very pleased to see our float depicting the persecution as part of the parade. She also told me that she is very thankful that there are still people who cannot be controlled by China and expose their crimes.

On Friday, another woman whom we had already met during our previous activities visited us at our booth. She wanted to hear more about the persecution and told us that she wanted to learn the exercises. This lady came to our booth every day during the three days we were there. On the second evening she appeared bewildered about her actions and told me, “Do you know that I had almost reached home. Then, I thought, no, I just have to return to the area where you have your booth. So, I’m here now.” On the third evening we were almost ready to close down, when she suddenly appeared again. She sat down and told me that she relished being here. Everything was so peaceful, without any acts of aggression. The men were so friendly and polite, something she had not experienced before. Her strong predestined relationship allowed her to recognise the beauty of Falun Dafa and did not let her go. She remained until we had packed everything. She wanted to learn the exercises as soon as possible.

A young boy sat down at our table and chose carefully different coloured paper strips for folding the flowers. My girlfriend took a strip of paper and wanted to teach him the beginning steps, when he looked at her and told her wistfully, “I know how it is done. This is already my fifth lotus flower.” I remember that he also was here last year and still had not forgotten how to fold the flower. His imagination grew with each flower more and more and he joyfully showed me his flowers, which he wanted to give to his mother. This little boy came to see us daily during the three days and remained in our booth for quite some time. He assured me that he would return next year again.

The lotus flower booth attracted many people A little boy came every day

Many adults came every day during the three days we were there, to fold more lotus flowers with us. Since we were not enough practitioners, these ladies taught beginners how to fold Lotus flowers, and explained the easy folding method. Through this we can see the power of Dafa, because of which everyone thought of the other person and gave a hand when needed. Because of this we established a harmonious environment, which was a centre of attention at the festival.

Time flew by during these three wonderful days, during which many people happily took the lotus flowers they had made home. But, also those who only watched us did not go home empty handed, as we had already made lotus flowers beforehand.

Many open hearts wanted to listen to the truth about the persecution and often they wanted to learn the exercises. Many people came to thank us for the information with a happy smile.

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