To the Singaporean Authorities: Don't Follow the Chinese Communist Party to Behave Like Criminals

Falun Dafa's teacher said that the explosion of Earth does not exist. (please refer to "Suggestions Given at the Beijing Falun Dafa Assistants Meeting," December 17th, 1994). But Chinese Central Television (CCTV), a mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party (CCP), dropped the word "not" and used this phrase in its propaganda. Changing words is one of the methods the CCP uses to defame Falun Gong. This year, beyond expectation, the Singapore authorities adopted this form of deception from the CCP and played the same tricks to defame Falun Gong.

On July 20th, during a visit by Li Lanqing, head of China's national 610 Office,(created specifically to oversee the persecution Falun Gong in China), the Singapore government falsely accused Falun Gong practitioners during a peaceful protest of "using insulting language to carry out harassment."

What were the words Falun Gong practitioners displayed on their banners? A banner in Chinese read: "Hunger strike on July 20 to protest the Chinese communist party's inhuman persecution of Falun Gong practitioners." Another banner in English read: "Stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China."

The writing on these banners clearly did not constitute an "insult," nor was the peaceful hunger strike a harassment: the words on the banners are true. Therefore, the Singapore authorities could not rely on this false charge to curb Falun Gong practitioners' protests indefinitely.

At the court trial they limited the number of Falun Gong supporters who could enter the courtroom. Court security personnel retained the evidence to be used by Falun Gong practitioners and refused to hand over a recording made by police with the practitioners' lawyer. The court violated court regulations in allowing police witnesses to sit in the courtroom while not on the stand. The court also unreasonably dismissed the "United Nations 2004 Investigation Report" as court evidence.

The injustices described above were not enough to satisfy the CCP. On the day after the trial (August 28, 2006), two newspapers highly controlled by the Singapore government, The Lianhe Zaobao (Chinese Daily) and the Straits Times (English newspaper) reported the trial, but both cited the same errors in their reporting.

The Lianhe Zaobao reported that the practitioners' banner said: "July 20th hunger strike to protest China's unfeeling persecution of Falun Gong practitioners." The Straits Times reported the English banner as: "Stop the law suit of Falun Gong in China." They changed "Chinese communist party" to "China," "inhuman" to "unfeeling," and "persecution" to "law suit." This is something the CCP would have done. Their deceptive word manipulation is just like the mouthpieces of the CCP.

The clear reasoning contained in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has obviously "inspired" the intentional mix up between the Chinese communist party and China. They now worry that people will be able to draw a clear distinction between China and the CCP. It is the CCP that is responsible for cruelly mutilating Chinese people. The CCP does not represent China. Singapore's authorities are still trying to cater to the CCP. They are helping them to persecute Chinese citizens at a time when more than 13 million members of the CCP have withdrawn from the party and the CCP is on the verge of disintegration.

Changing "exterminate inhumanly" to "exterminate unfeelingly" seems to provide a rationale for the CCP's inhuman persecution as the behaviour of being unfeeling. This incoherence in writing, on the contrary, only further exposes their ingratiation of helping the evil.

Even with the contents of the banners as reported the media, still, there weren't any insults or harassments involved. Instead, this incident has revealed the facts: Singapore authorities not only cooperated with the CCP to persecute Falun Gong; they also adopted the sly tactics of the CCP.

Singapore authorities' actions and behaviour concerning this matter cannot be hidden from people's judgement or from heavenly justice.

Before the eradication of the CCP, Singapore authorities still have the opportunity to turn around and support bringing an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. If they miss the opportunity, Singapore authorities, claiming their country is a small nation that only cares for profit, will lose respect before the world, and will be deemed an accessory to the crimes committed by the CCP.

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