St. Gallen Taglatt Newspaper (Switzerland): Bachmann Acquitted

Kreuzlinger Falun Gong practitioner received mail from China

Kreuzlingen. Erich Bachmann, the Kreuzlinger Falun Gong practitioner went on trial in Hong Kong in 2002. He and his colleagues were acquitted during spring of 2005.

By Caroline Leuch

“This cheque has particular symbolic value,” said Erich Bachmann. He received the cheque worth 2,200 Swiss Francs from Hong Kong’s Ministry of Justice, “after we were acquitted by the highest Court of Appeal, which is comparable to our Federal Court.”

Movement Banned in China

What happened? In March 2002, Erich Bachmann and fifteen other Falun Gong practitioners held a protest against the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China in a public area in Hong Kong. In 1999, the former President of China ordered this movement to be banned.

Bachmann’s groups was arrested and taken to court. They were before the Hong Kong court for twenty six days. In August 2002, they were fined 600 Swiss francs. They appealed with the help of a law firm.

Bachmann told me, “As of now lawsuits against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members for human rights violations have been filed in thirty five countries.”

Falun Gong members have taken different kinds of actions worldwide, to protest against the persecution in China. “They are taken to concentration camps in China, where as verified by an independent investigation, their organs are harvested,” alleges Bachmann.

It is an organised criminal activity. The organs are sold to Japan, Australia and America. “There are a number of clinics that offer organ trade, including the operations,” said Erich Bachmann.

Fearful of Losing Power

Bachmann also told us that despite the return of the court costs and the fact that Hong Kong’s Courts dispensed justice based on existing laws, the CCP criminals continue to treat Falun Gong practitioners brutally. “We just heard that one of our lawyers, who again represented Falun Gong practitioners, was beaten up recently.”

Bachmann estimated that a hundred million Chinese practice Falun Gong. “This out numbers the CCP membership.” Bachmann believes that this is the reason for the persecution. “There is no dictatorial system that is not afraid of losing power.”

Wednesday, September 9th, 2006

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