Taking Advantage of Every Chance to Expose the Illegal Persecution

My parent's home is in a village more than 30 miles from the county where I live. My two brothers and their wives were very busy, so I often took care of the daily needs of my parents. I saw it as a good way to clarify the truth about the persecution and give others a chance to learn the facts.

One day I went to my parents' home with 60 copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party , some CDs, and some other related materials. On my way to their house, I greeted everyone I met. After talking about normal topics, I began to clarify the truth and then handed them the Nine Commentaries, some CDs, and other materials. Finally I began to try to persuade them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party. Some people wanted to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) immediately, while others said that they wanted to read the Nine Commentaries first and think about it. I didn't let any chance pass me by.

When I passed through the barns in the villages in the Spring, I usually walked on the road between the barns, because there were people in each barn working. It was a good chance to contact them so that they could learn the truth. I stood at the entrance to each barn to explain the facts about Falun Dafa while they were working and suggested that if they wanted to withdraw from the CCP, I would help them. The younger people preferred to take VCDs, and the older folks preferred to read the books. I helped each of them according to their situations.

To some people who were very busy, I said, "I'm giving you a book called the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to read." Then I introduced the contents of the book briefly and asked them to read it, and usually the people were receptive and appreciative. Some people said that they were too busy to read the whole thing, so I gave them a single-page article, such as "Awakening" or "Viewing the World."

There were some people selling sand, white ash, tile, and bricks on the side of the road in the village. When I ran into them, I greeted them and struck up a conversation with them. Then I would clarify the truth and try to persuade them to withdraw from the CCP. When the drivers repaired their vehicles, I got off and clarified the truth and encouraged the people to withdraw from the CCP.

When I rode a bicycle, I would say hello to the people beside me. After talking about ordinary topics, I would clarify the truth and give them a copy of the Nine Commentaries. Then I explained the importance of withdrawing from the CCP. Sometimes I would start a conversation by asking the way and then begin to clarify the truth.

Once when I was on my way to my parents' home, I met a young man riding in front of me, who turned back to look at me from time to time. I greeted him and then clarified the truth to him. Then I gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries. He said, "There are several CCP members in my family. Do you have CDs of the Nine Commentaries?" I said that I did. I stopped and gave him a set of CDs, and he said that he would have his family watch it. We continued riding our bicycles, and I clarified the truth to him. I mentioned that the CCP was very evil and it persecuted Falun Gong practitioners cruelly. I gave him a great deal of information, and as a result, he understood a lot. As we parted ways, he thanked me sincerely.

Sometimes I met people who were too deeply poisoned by the CCP and couldn't be reasoned with right away. Once while returning from my parents' house to the town, I passed through a village. There were more than ten people building a house. I began to clarify the truth and delivered CDs and materials to them. Most of the people accepted them. A young man in his 30s took a flyer, but when he saw it was about withdrawing from the CCP, he angrily said, "You oppose the CCP? I have benefited from the CCP, and you're telling me to withdraw from the CCP? I will report you to the police." He took out his mobile phone. I stared at him and had a thought that I didn't acknowledge the arrangement of the old forces. He put his phone back, and I began to clarify the truth to him calmly. He still didn't understand and grumbled that we were opposing the CCP, and then went to work. The others, however, were reading the materials. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil of the CCP and other evil factors. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I felt something suppressing my efforts, and I realised that there were a lot of evil factors in his dimensional field. After returning home, I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts for 20 minutes to eliminate all the evil factors that controlled the young man.

In my county I delivered the Nine Commentaries and explained the importance of withdrawing from the CCP when I was shopping, visiting relatives and friends, etc. I took advantage of any situation that came about. I had the Nine Commentaries, CDs and truth-clarifying materials with me in my bag every day and did what I could, even while buying vegetables. I delivered the materials to all kinds of people, including the leaders of various departments and the police.

When I was detained in the detention centre, I met many police officers. Now two of them have withdrawn from the CCP, and many have read the Nine Commentaries. I have met all kinds of people, such those that replace the liquefier, collect rags, decorate houses, and collect the fees for water and electricity. I have talked to Buddhists visiting me and even a tattooed young lady with no hair. Whoever I meet, I clarify the truth to them and deliver the truth clarifying materials and the Nine Commentaries. However, I also have some barriers to eliminate. For example, when I explain the importance of withdrawing from the CCP and deliver the Nine Commentaries, I seldom approach women, because I have this notion that women are not as interested in these matters. It was also difficult to clarify the truth to the officers. Maybe I have some ordinary human notions in this regard. I should be diligent in my study of the Falun Gong teachings and let go of human notions so that I can save more sentient beings.

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